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Bitrix24 CRM Advantages

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Overview Presentation

Bitrix24 CRM Overview

Bitrix24 CRM overview – Bitrix24 has many business functions such as task management, CRM, document sharing, and time tracking and is an integrated CRM. It is presented through a user-friendly interface that appears very similar to a social networking site but provides a secure, collaborative environment where employees, partners and customers can send instant messages, receive updates on activity stream and share different types of files. Smaller companies can have enterprise-grade social applications at an affordable price that includes a free plan for limited users.

Why Bitrix24?

In Bitrix24, companies and organizations of all sizes are able to have a business collaboration solution with its employees and external partners that is always accessible with different devices. The features of the online collaboration platform cover a wide area of business applications and services using only one application that would translate to great savings and increased productivity. Bitrix24 is a product of Bitrix, Inc., a privately held company owned and managed by its five founders. It was founded in 1998 and is based in Alexandria, Virginia. It started in the content management solutions sector with its flagship product Bitrix Site Manager.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

Features and benefits of bitrix24 CRM are listed below

Reports on time and work and project tracking

  • Bitrix24 is an online collaboration platform focusing on task and project management features for defined groups. Tasks can be created and assigned to oneself or delegated to right fit. A central storage of all project documents can be accessed by groups with the right permission.
  • A Gantt chart can show tasks, dependencies and progress. Presentations, documents, videos and other files can be uploaded for sharing or for private use. The system has version control and an accompanying Change Log.
  • For collaboration, shared files can be edited, saved in a document library or remain in the Activity Stream to get as many “likes” as possible. It has built-in clock in/clock out systems, a reminder for work reports, and automatic inclusion of daily planner activities in the work report.

Instant Messaging, Social Intranet and Web Calls

  • The Activity Stream page gives the user an overall view of any updates that is happening with any project, file, and group. It is a user-friendly page that facilitates easy and frequent communications that keeps information fresh.
  • Features and benefits of bitrix24 CRM are highly interactive that allows for easy conversations, announcements, and other forms of feedback.
  • Its internal IM can deliver system notification, be saved for historical purposes, be searched or be configured for group chat with internal and external participants.

Sales Funnel, HR CRM and Mobile Apps

  • Bitrix24 business collaboration solution has customer relationship management features for organizing contacts, managing interactions and creating sales reports. It has a Sales Funnel view for managing leads and progress.
  • It can generate invoices and send email campaigns to clients.
  • Users can collaborate via web browser, desktop or mobile applications. An on-premise solution is also available aside from the web-hosted one.


  • Bitrix24 Cloud version is offered in three editions. There is a completely Free plan that includes for 12 internal users or employees and 5 GB of storage space.
  • Then there are two paid plans that include for unlimited employees and external users. The Standard plan is priced at $99 per month with 50 GB of storage, and the Professional plan at $199 per month with 100 GB of storage and advanced features for planning, reporting, time management, HR, employee management and more.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

  • Bitrix24 is ideal for individual entrepreneurs, startups, small to mid-sized companies and large enterprises across all industries. It can be used by both private and state agencies, non-profits and educational institutions.
  • It is suitable for project managers, business managers, HR managers, project teams, sales and marketing teams, or any group that needs easy but secure collaboration.

Supported Languages

The Bitrix24 CRM is available in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian. The self-hosted version is also available in Spanish according to their forum.

Some of their Clients

Well-known clients include Gazprom, Xerox, Samsung, KIA, Volkswagen, Vogue and PC Magazine.

Thus, Now we have an idea of Bitrix24 CRM overview,advantages, features and benefits of bitrix24 CRM.

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