In this blog, you will be getting an insight on Important Bpm online CRM modules like benefits, challenges and key features of Bpm online pharma CRM.

Bpm online CRM modules

Bpm online CRM modules, key features of Bpm online pharma CRM

Key features of Bpm online pharma CRM

  • Contact information is key CRM element. At a minimum you need to track the name of a customer or prospect, their phone numbers and email addresses. The source is tracked by many companies and the product preferences are recorded for further rapport building.
  • Next Critical Element is Company Information featuring details of  the physical address for the company, their main phone number, their website and their industry.
  • Key features of Bpm online pharma CRM allow you to track additional information about the company like their “status” (e.g. are they a customer, prospect, competitor, etc.), the size of the business, and the primary contact.
  • One of the most important features of CRM is often organizing the interaction history with contacts and companies. Each phone call, email or SMS is associated with a specific contact and is aggregated together under the company as well. This way it is easy to understand the recent communication with the prospect or customer without pulling information together from various sources.
  • Interaction history is information based on past activity, and Customer Relationship Management systems allow you to set reminders for future activity. Additional information associated with reminders might be the type of future activity needed the priority of the reminder and who is responsible for completing the reminder.

Roles played by CRM

  • CRM plays an important role in tracking of leads and opportunities.
  • Opportunity tracking by the sales team is another key Bpm online CRM modules to track all of their opportunities and they typically include information based on relevant content and  the expected close date, and other information that helps the sales team understand the deal they’re chasing.
  • Most CRM applications facilitate generation of analytics report based on the performance of the and its sales forecast.

Benefits of CRM

Three categories featuring benefits of CRM are

  • Increasing sales
  • Decreasing costs
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

In some sales organizations, CRM provides a productivity boost that enables the same sales team to handle more leads and opportunities. In this case a company decreases its costs to handle each prospective customer and can increase profitability.

Bpm online CRM modules can also be used to increase customer satisfaction. When properly utilized, CRM has a lot of information about customers and prospects; sales teams can use this to make prospects and customers feel understood and taken care of.

Customer satisfaction will increase because the sales and customer service teams will be able to establish a better relationship with their clients.

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Marketing Automation Integration process

  • The most common integration between CRM and other applications is with marketing automation software. T
  • This category of software products tracks information about prospects, typically before they become a lead. Products like MailChimp or Pardot allow you to send email campaigns and create leads in CRM when contacts express interest.

Challenges in Adoption of CRM

  • Salespeople often hate CRM because it can require extensive data entry. Although it might be very beneficial to the organization to track each call and email, record notes about companies, etc., it can be very painful for the individual salesperson who needs to do all this work.
  • Salespeople also don’t like to enter data into Customer Relationship Management software because they believe it gives them job security to keep all their opportunities and customer relationships in their head.

Future of CRM

We believe that the future of CRM is about the application being proactive and helping salespeople and sales managers achieve their goals with less effort.Proactive CRM should suggest to a salesperson who the need to call right now to close more deals. For sales leaders, it should advise them on which sales team members need the most help, or which opportunities their personal involvement could impact the most.

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