In this blog, you will get an insight into Law Ruler legal CRM as well as Law Ruler CRM features and integrations.

Law Ruler legal CRM

Law Ruler legal CRM, Law Ruler CRM features and integrations, Infusionsoft

Nurture relationships with leads/referrals that aren’t ready to buy. Client interactions go Viral. On average, only 20% of leads/referrals are sales-ready when they first come in. This means you need a disciplined process – known as “lead nurturing” – to develop qualified leads until they are sales-ready. If the Law Ruler legal CRM is implemented well, there is generation 50% more leads and a conversion of more than 33% . Law Ruler CRM features and integrations also reduces the cost per head for better profitability scenario.

Retain and extend client relationships. The law firm marketer’s job is far from finished once someone becomes a client. In most of the  industries, especially legal; the value generation is evident when there is customer retention and high degree of customer satisfaction.

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Key features of Law Ruler CRM for Law firms

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Contact Management
  • E-mail Newsletter & Drip Marketing
  • Text message Drip Marketing & Notifications
  • Phone/Call Tracking
  • E-signature

Have a look at some of the integrations

  • Docusign
  • Adobe Sign
  • Needles practice management
  • Clio practice management
  • Apex live chat
  • nGage live chat
  • Alert Communications
  • Legal intake professionals
  • AnswerConnect
  • Your Website/Landing pages
  • Asterisk business phones
  • AWO
  • Microsoft outlook

Law office management software for lawyers

The recently release version 4.1 of Law Ruler has brought a major change in the  industry-displaying the Law Ruler as the best legal case intake and management software platform. Included were a new client experience, along with hundreds of features and enhancements to the system.

The biggest software release of Version 1.4.1 is available for the members with automation and has user friendly features to support law firms. This improves day-to-day operations and increases the profitability.

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About Law Ruler software, LLC

Law Ruler legal CRM Software, LLC, is a market-leading legal case and intake management and marketing automation solution provider. The Law Ruler software provides better solutions leading to better results and it doesn’t matter whether a firm is managing leads from TV, incoming referrals, digital media or billboards. This in turn increases the performance of the team.

Our approach is unique since we ensure that each and every client has a solution that meshes with their workflow and how they do business. Law Ruler CRM features and integrations include task management, phone call tracking, medical record ordering, text e-sign, marketing automation via text and email, workflow automation, case expense and settlement management, and powerful reporting to create higher revenue generation and profit maximization.

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