CRM Is Essential for a Successful Real Estate Agent

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CRM Is Essential for a Successful Real Estate Agent

Today’s real estate agent is busier than ever before, but the fact that real estate is a relationship business has not changed. In order to be successful, agents need to create and maintains relationships with the people they wish to serve. Yet creating and maintaining relationships takes time, and time is something they may not have much of. A customer relationship management (CRM) system can help make it easier to manage this process. Here are some reasons why a CRM is essential to the success of a real estate agent.

Successful Real Estate Agent

Foster Client Relationships in the Right Context.

Real estate marketing is shifting from a focus entirely on lead generation to a focus on relationship management. A CRM allows real estate agents to put their relationship growth with potential clients in the right context. It allows them to see where clients are in relationship to their services, and then build their relationship in context. For example, an agent can set up their CRM with one branch for potentials, one branch for people they are currently working with, and one branch for past clients. If they want to reach out to past
clients, they simply grab that list and send the message. This allows agents to send the right message to the right people at a time when they are ready to receive that message.

Put Marketing on Auto Pilot.

Do you really have the time to send all of the emails and calls you need to generate leads and keep your business growing? Most real estate agents do not have this kind of time. This is where a CRM can help. It automates follow up and marketing efforts, so you can focus on the tasks that require your immediate attention instead. As long as your funnels are properly set up, simply feed people’s contact information into the pipeline and they will receive consistent marketing information.

Increase Income Potential.

A real estate business will only grow as long as it has more clients coming for services. Since clients tend to need the services of an agent only occasionally, when they are ready to move, agents must constantly be building relationships with new potentials while also maintaining relationships with old ones. Being able to follow up well with both past clients and new potentials is a critical component of making money, and a CRM platform allows an agent to grow income potential by fostering relationships with all potential clients who can utilize the agent’s services. In other words, email marketing with a CRM platform is where the money is.

Keep Communication Consistent.

Have you ever found yourself wondering if you remembered to send that follow up email or make that phone call? Consistency in communication and follow up is critical to an agent’s success, and a CRM allows you to have consistent communication with every lead you receive.

Keep The Agent’s Name Visible.

Visibility is critical to growing a real estate business. You never know when someone is going to be ready to enlist the help of an agent, and you need to be the one that they think of when it is time. A CRM platform keeps your name in the forefront of the mind of potential and past clients. This means when they need a real estate agent, you are the one they think of.

An effective CRM is a critical component to the success of the modern real estate agent. It provides important follow up, helps streamline and automate marketing efforts, helps the agent make more money and assists in keep communication consistent and the agent’s name visible. If you do not have a CRM platform that is working well for you, now is the time to consider investing in one.

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