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3 biggest trends of CRM software to come in 2018

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In this article we are looking at the main expectations and tendencies of CRM software & CRM Movement  (Trends of CRM Software). What lies ahead the overall customer relationship management industry and what tools will businesses use to grow faster?

During the last few years CRM industry has been developing rapidly providing small and medium businesses, large international corporations as well as non-for-profit organizations with the latest powerful solutions. Global informational technology goes into the new additions this year by focusing on efficiency, simplicity and universality. Let us dig into the trends of CRM software and learn how they will help businesses grow.

Getting back to the evolution of customer relationship management, many business owners remember the transformation from front-office applications to the tools that helped to manage all business processes and make forecasts. Currently we observe a rapid growth of cloud-based CRM systems which is aimed to automate businesses and provide additional value to their customer relationships.

“The cloud computing market is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.8% from 2014 to 2018 and will reach $127.5B by 2018“.

Trend #1:
The role of artificial intelligence in workflow personalization
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is considered being one of the most prominent and exciting trend in any industry, especially when we are talking about CRM software. Basically, in it is going to become a fundamental platform for any new generations of CRM. Virtual customer support with pre-written answers, automation of the overall workflow, data analysis and forecasting are only few advantages of AI for any type of business. CRM systems powered with AI are going to provide system patterns which were not visible before as well as discover insights that can make a huge impact on sales, growth and scale.

Trend #2:
Transformation from social media to social CRM
Social CRM

There are numerous tools to help social media marketers as well as business owners in analyzing their audience and choosing the right perspective in business. Social CRM is considered being the next north star for those companies planning to wring out the potential of social media and get closer to their clients. If yesterday businesses worked on creating social media pages and being active there, tomorrow it is all about launching virtual communities and engaging the most loyal and interested audience. Social CRM is not only about engagement and interaction with current and potential customers. It is also a perfect tool for businesses to dig deeper in customer behavior insights, trends and tendencies, etc. For instance, organizations might use Twitter or Messenger to communicate with their clients besides built-in customer support application on the website; start conversations on the platforms where the potential audience is represented, etc.

Trend #3:
Integration with other applications and tools
CRM Integrations

One of the biggest trends in the technological industry in general is considered being making all services, platforms and applications interact between each other. CRM programs are going to be tighten more with external services to help companies increase their efficiency and enhance productivity. Engineers will work to find the best solutions in integrating services into the CRM systems to support sales, business development and marketing activities. One of the most efficient ways to do it these days is API integration. It helps platforms and services communicate with the high level of security and safety of commercial data. However, according to the latest tendencies, API is not going to be the most used solution soon because of rapid development of intelligent synchronization across platforms. Moreover, there will be a need to learn how to synchronize and interact between both mobile and web solutions.

Obviously, the trends mentioned above as well as other perceptible tendencies of the coming year will reflect the evolution in CRM industry as well as provide a significant value to the business owners of any type and size. Before implementing any kind of add-on or maintain external integration, the main goal of business owners will be grasping the key milestones to work with. Whether it is customer support, social media marketing or sales, CRM software is becoming a base for overall business development and management.

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