In this blog you will be getting an insight on the Zoho Apps and the role of Zoho apps for small business applications.If you are looking for cloud-based CRM solutions for your business, you cannot afford to miss Zoho Apps. The Zoho CRM suite is a comprehensive one-step solution for all your business needs. What makes Zoho so resilient? Undoubtedly, it is the host of amazing tools and apps that render an unforgettable CRM experience and helps your business achieve the target goals. Once you have set up an account with Zoho Apps, you have a list of tools to choose from. It is undoubtedly a Herculean task to choose only a handful of those few tools that will trigger a plausible escalation for your organisation.

Zoho Apps

If you are a small business, only 5 tools are sufficient to leverage your resources to the maximum potential. These add-on applications are user-friendly and can be accessed from either web browser or network connection. These tools have different usage limitations but, the silver lining is that you can upgrade them depending upon the various plans available and access the free version.

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Zoho Apps for small business

Let us understand the importance of Zoho Apps for small business.

1) CRM app: Almost every small business (as well as the larger organisations) can largely benefit from a CRM tool. Zoho apps not only benefits your enterprise but also helps you multitask like a pro. You can effortlessly manage leads, contacts, activities, and accounts or initiate tasks, events or calls. Pulse, a functional tool similar to the dashboard is at your disposal and helps you track contacts, leads, and potentials with just a single click. Upgrading plans of Zoho apps are pocket-friendly and flexible. Choose one as per your requirement and budget. Zoho Apps for small business is the ideal one for a  CRM centric company and it helps in effective monitoring.

2) Recruit app: Recruit is an app meant for tracking your applications, enrolment, helping staffing consultancies and HR departments to quicken the hiring process and talent acquisition. The recruit app is beneficial to organisations having a rapid turnover rate or hiring a lot of temporary employees. This app also offers other services like client and contact management, resume management, sourcing rightful candidates, posting jobs, candidate and workflow experience etc. To get the best out of this app, upgrading periodically is highly recommended.

3) Meeting app: The meeting app enables you to reach your global customers in just a matter of few minutes and allows showcasing your product demos, presentations or long distance training in a jiffy. In short, the meeting app simplifies web conferencing to a certain extent and helps in sealing deals faster by eliminating travel time. In addition to all these services, this app also offers extra benefits like inexhaustible meeting duration, session reports, and permits switching presenters.

4) Reports app: Reports is another amazing zoho app that helps transform your business’s raw data into precious insights and take planned decisions accordingly. Reports app allows you to initiate tools like dashboard and graphs to scrutinise your organisation’s data. Either import if from spreadsheets or create new reports simply by adding data directly into new templates, the reports app allows both. It also helps you to analyse profits, produces potent dashboards replete with customizable features, monitor trends, checks performance stats, extracts and view OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) data etc.

5) Invoice app: Hassle free invoicing software, the Zoho invoice app helps create stunning invoices, send payment reminders automatically and help you get faster online. This app works as a key function of your organisation and is especially useful for smaller enterprises. You can manage estimates, customers, regular and recurring invoices, billable and non-billable outlay, etc. with ease. Invoice app also lets you craft beautiful custom-made invoices and emails for leaving an everlasting impression on clients and promote loyalty.

There are more tools and Zoho apps that helps in business expansion. These apps are especially beneficial to smaller enterprises looking for cloud groupware CRM tools that are both simple to use and cost-effective. These apps are definitely going to help your business grow in a sustained and reliable way.


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