ACT CRM Features & Benefits

Think of Act CRM as the command centre for your sales and marketing teams. It gives you the control and visibility of customer relationships and seamlessly interacts with the productivity and social tools that you rely upon daily. Furthermore, you can leverage integrated eMarketing services and take advantage of invaluable intelligence regarding when, where and how to engage with customers and prospects.

Key features:

  • Act is extremely flexible and can be configured to support your specific business processes.
  • Act CRM gives you access to information on-demand via different interfaces such as desktop/laptop, web browser and mobile device.
  • Act CRM can store individual Contact records as well as Company records. It can also use dynamic Groups to manage Contacts with common characteristics (empowering targeted marketing campaigns and valuable reporting).
  • Act CRM provides Forecasting and Sales Opportunity tracking. There is also one-click export to MS Excel with auto-generation of pivot tables. Act! Premium users can use external reporting tools to query Act!’s robust Microsoft SQL database tables.
  • Act CRM can integrate with Sage Accounts software, which enables Sales Opportunities generated within Act! to seamlessly transition into Sage invoices.
  • Act CRM users can schedule future events and resources for themselves and colleagues or clients using iCal and vCard features.
  • Act CRM users can exchange data easily with Microsoft Outlook (and synchronise Act! and Outlook Calendars and Contacts).
  • Synchronisation between Act! databases allow sales people to use Act! from home and synchronise data over the Internet safely and securely.
  • Act! seamlessly integrates with social media platforms as well as other web properties, which allows users to make the most of the World Wide Web to better understand prospects and clients.

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Contact & Company Management

Offering contact as well as company management, Act! is good for both B2C and B2B models. Contact Management and Company Management modules are the strongest points of Act! They offer almost every conceivable option to manage your customers, from adding a new contact to creating an associated to-do or note, to sending email, and more, on a single page.

Contacts can be linked to different companies, but more importantly, contacts sharing similar attributes can be grouped and accessed easily or updated in bulk. You can even create custom groups. In short, Act!’s contact/company management is one of the best, if not the best.

Calendar & Activity Management

Act! features a simple, yet feature rich calendar and an extremely powerful to-do list.

The calendar can be synced with Google calendar, and not only offers a variety of views of your upcoming events, but the management can also view their employees’ calendars. Act! calendar syncs with Google calendar, and offers several views such as monthly, weekly, work week

Opportunity Management

Another powerful feature that lets you store product and service details and prices, link contacts, groups or companies to opportunities, add background info and then view the results in the form of detailed reports.

The opportunity management module might seem a bit daunting initially with its plethora of features, but once you get a hang of it, it allows you to do many little functions without much hassle.

Notes & History

Another great thing about Act! is that it keeps a detailed time and date-stamped history of all your actions and interactions. Also, you can add notes and attach them to any contact, assign a manager to a note, attach files, and share with other users.

Email Marketing & Social Integration

We were unable to test both e-marketing and social integration in the test drive mode. But some quick research divulged that you can create, send, and track email campaigns from within Act!

Reporting & Dashboards

There are a variety of default reports, plus you can create custom reports – but unfortunately customising Act! reports is a proverbial pain in the neck. You can view, print or instantly email a report. The Act! reports are pretty static and it’s hard to adapt reports in response to your evolving business requirements. The default reports give you a lot of options, but grouping data in a logical way we found rather cumbersome.

As for dashboards, they offer a quick view of important components such as activities, opportunities and other administrative data, which you can easily filter. In addition to the default dashboards, administrators and managers can also define custom dashboards.


  • Cloud-based as well as on premise solutions
  • Functionality rich contact management system with integrated email marketing
  • Highly customizable and versatile
  • Most features work cohesively, e.g. all records, appointments notes etc. are available under each corresponding contact as well as each company
  • Great look up feature and keyboard shortcuts
  • In addition to several other third-party apps, it also integrates with MS Word, Excel, Google Mail and Contacts, and Outlook (32 bit only)
  • Powerful dashboards and document sharing

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