Best CRM Solutions for Automotive Industries

In this article, you will be getting an insight on the Best CRM solutions for Automotive industries i.e Auto Jockey CRM, Auto Star Solutions, CarshipIO etc and understand the applications in Automotive industry.

Auto Jockey CRM

  • Auto Jockey CRM is an effective automotive CRM management tool which supports the dealers in showroom management, internet capabilities and setting up centres for business development.
  • Different processes are integrated to allow departments to function seamlessly. The critical information provided by the Auto Jockey CRM are data capture process of customer data, monitors management and integration process of automotive DMS, validation of Do Not Registry and controlling dealership administration etc.
  • Auto Jockey CRM provides the tools to capture customer activity and information to evaluate an automotive dealership.
  • Auto Jockey CRM is designed based on Microsoft.NET platform using scalable enterprise architecture including the latest in technological developments.

Auto Star Solutions

  • Auto Star Solutions DMS is a web-based car dealer software system that provides everything needed to build a customized solution for a dealership, finance company, auto wholesale, and/or retail business.
  • Auto Star Solutions includes Finance Investments, desk activities and scoring functionality, notes receivables, inventory management, finance company, reporting f good credit and bad credit, queued collections, online payment systems, digital dashboards, service and repair, integrated accounting, with laser forms in most of the states.
  • Auto Star is not just another dealership software provider. Employees and users stand united in the pursuit of being the best. Pricing starts at $99 pm.

Car Sales Organizer Deluxe

  • Car Sales Organizer Deluxe recommends on ideal Contact Manager/CRM for the smaller car dealerships, regular car or automotive sales persons.
  • Car Sales Organizer Deluxe is a Car Sales software solution for car dealers, car salespeople.
  • Helps car dealers to organize, catalogue, and manage all your car and customer related information.
  • The tool provides access to customer details, contact notations facilitating tracking and managing car sales by creating summary for car sales and provide the client with the performance reports.
  • The tool provides proven solution with an intuitive and simple process to manage the sales of your old and new car in an effective manner.
  • This tool includes databases: Car Customer, Car Notes, and Car Web Resources. The CRM tool supports in creating customized solutions for customer management for car personnel with an affordable pricing starting at $75 with a free trial.


  • CarShipIO, a feature rich US auto transport software provider, offers users smart web and mobile tools to run an Auto Carrier business more efficiently while saving time and money.
  • Just enter your trucks and few of your customer records and start saving time right away, while being better organized.
  • With this software system you can avoid regulation compliance problems, generate Invoices and BOLs, manage loads and arrange trips.
  • It also allows you to provide better estimates, send notifications to your customers, find new customers and generate more business.
  • Four pricing plans are available to cover businesses of different sizes and with different needs. The basic starter plan is $19 per month. A free version and free trial are available.

Data Car CRM – Data first

  • Data Car CRM supports car dealers to promote the most exciting offers by considering all parameters into account: new and used vehicle stocks, catalogue prices, purchase prices, campaigns and promotions, trade-ins, repairs, additional costs.
  • This CRM system, dedicated to car sales, also serves to increase the rate of converting leads into offers and orders thanks to an efficient processing system.
  • Data Car CRM provides better control related to the car dealership’s marketing- and also in managing the marketing related costs. This can lead to expected outcomes of the narrowly-targeted campaigns and update us on the amount of appropriate investments.
  • Pricing starts at $23.50 per user per month with a free trial on offer.

  • was started in 1994 providing dealer track Technologies Solution, provides an integrated platform for managing Inventory, Advertising, Website and CRM products allowing OEMs, retailers, dealer groups and agencies for better engagement and connect with customer circle.
  • is the best for automotive industry’s provider of a streamlined and intuitive solution for managing dealership marketing and operations. was acquired by Dealer track in 2013.

Dealer Mine Inc

  • Dealer Mine is an upcoming automotive dealership CRM – catering to all of a dealership’s departments. The Dealer Mine approach to CRM is simple; and it is focussed on a personalized, one-to-one relationship with customers.
  • With over 15 years in the industry, they are well-known for leveraging dealership’s existing customer relationships to increase their service and sales business. Each of the products is tightly integrated for ease of use and flexibility.
  • By using their Service CRM and Sales CRM, relationships in dealership data can be found. Dealer Mine supports dealerships adding more value to and extracts value from the loyal customer relationships.

Dealer Peak

  • Dealer Peak was founded in 1999 with an objective of providing Automotive Dealerships using better technology solutions at lower costs while providing results.
  • Dealer Peak solutions include CRM, Desking, Digital Marketing and Transactional Websites that work on a unified Web-based platform.


  • Dealers cloud was founded in 2004 and it provides a complete dealer management system, inventory distribution and Internet marketing services to independent automotive dealerships nationwide.
  • DEALER’S CLOUD provides cloud-based DMS (SaaS), for management, sales, accounting, and marketing.
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