In this blog, you will be getting an insight into the banking CRM software and key modules of banking CRM.

Banking CRM

6 key modules for your banking business

Key modules in CRM for your banking business

A power packed Banking CRM software to help you know all your account openings, leads, sales performance to boost your business. Key modules of banking CRM are listed below

Sales Target Module- Set & Observe Sales Targets

Mark, track and drive more sales target achievements with complete knowledge of your sales scenario.

  • Freeze revenue targets of your Bank for a month, quarter, half-year, etc.
  • Set & assign sales targets for sales employees with banking CRM software.
  • Get an exact view of your achieved & pending targets for the set tenure.
Lead Module- Nurture Leads & Convert Better

Know all your leads, their requirements and your closeness to deal closures.

  • Manually import a lead database from different sources.
  • Import excel sheets, have intact data of your existing clientele.
  • Always know the latest lead status, stages & follow-up details. 
    Eg: Status: Imp / Not Imp 
    Stage: Hot / Cold.
  • Qualify, categorize and prioritize leads as per their products, services, regions, departments, etc.
  • Send quick SMS, email alerts & quotations to leads.
  • Allocate & share leads to sales people with banking CRM software.
Follow up Module- Improve Follow Up Quality & Quantity

Streamline follow-ups, set reminders, have better outcomes and greater conversions.

Configure your Email ID to send & receive emails.

Call leads & track follow-ups

Track, analyze & schedule meetings to accelerate conversions

Send SMS alerts for faster customer service

  • Track lead follow-up details & communication history.
  • Run mass email campaigns.
  • Send SMS & email alerts to leads.
  • Execute timely follow-ups by scheduling & setting reminders for calls, emails & meetings.
  • Save sales time, follow-up from a single platform.
Client Module- Have Access to Precise Client Data

Get a landscape view of all your clients, account opening records, communication history & find more opportunities to cross sell

  • Know every client’s purchased products and their tenure.
  • Store an entire communication history of all clients.
  • Manage & access client information.
  • Collate all your client contact & sales data.
  • Send SMS & email notifications for payment reminders.
Product/Service Module- Know Every Product / Service Availed

Stay informed about every product / service you avail & smarten your selling

  • Add, categorize and tag products / services and their specifications.
  • Find your best performing products / services.
  • Make specific notes for products / services using key modules of banking CRM.
  • Add terms & conditions, multiple taxes for products / services.
  • Attach soft copies of required documents.
  • Monitor the sales of each product / service.
User Module- Manage Users And Their Access Rights

Stay updated about all your teams & their access rights.

  • Add multiple sales people, their designation and branch details
  • You decide which employee sees what data
  • Easily know & manage employee hierarchy
  • Know all the progress & sales activities with a simple reporting system
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