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Sudeshna Negi

CRM Blogger at CRM Read

Sudeshna Negi is an avid reader and a freelance content developer for almost 7 years. An MBA in HR she has had a multifarious exposure in the CRM domain for a long time. She continues to write on CRM related articles and blogs. Apart from research work and writing, sweating it out at the suburban gymnasium and swimming with her 7-year-old work as natural stress busters for her.

Alexandra Matthews

Writer, word manipulator, grammar police.

I am a former marketer who relishes harnessing the power of language for my own means and with a (some would say too) keen eye for grammatical inconsistencies and that extra space between words.

I truly love the whole gamut of copywriting services - from concocting compelling mailers, fascinating blogs, spot-on scripts and winning award entries to scouring pitch submissions for embarrassing typos, I'm never happier than when I am playing with words.

I’ve written for clients from a wide range of industries including IT & CRM solutions, video production, charity, social enterprise, fintech, advertising and media auditing.

Check me out on Instagram (@_alexwrites_) for words I love in my best handwriting, with definitions and examples, and Medium for my opinionated blog, mainly on sustainability.

Michelle Kiss

Digital Marketing Specialist

Michelle Kiss is a digital marketing specialist in San Francisco who focuses on employee productivity, business process management, and marketing automation. She deeply believes that a balanced diet is a chocolate in both hands.

Sarika Aggarwal

Project Manager - IT

I am a qualified software engineer with rich corporate experience in IT. Then I ask myself, is this all I am? Well, not quite completely!
A mom, who quit her job to spend more ‘we’ time with her princesses. Got lucky to be able to follow her passion and give a creative vent to her thoughts. Exhilarated when my written words resonate with perhaps a stranger– for that is the ultimate reward for me! I have delved into a variety of topics and industries, from lifestyle, real-estate, fashion, travel, parenting, education, thought leadership, to tech, from fact to fiction.
While I play on the wonderful expressive digital medium, I have also joined back mainstream IT world – this time the world of technical innovations.
I am a person who likes to go with the flow of life, believing in adapting and adopting, letting go freely as I explore newer areas and discover hidden talents within myself to tackle unchartered waters.

Mahaboob Pasha

Pre-sales CRM Solution Consultant

Post Graduate in Business Management and Marketing with over 3.6 years of experience in the field of Sales Support function, handling sales effectively managing the domestic and international clients with respect to purchases, renewals and migrations in association with the Global Business Development Team looking for a marketing, business development and business operations opportunities.

Have written quite a few blogs on CRM Software, AI integrations, Big data and much more. Do check it out on my contributions link.

David Carter

CRM & Blockchain expert

David Carder is a writer living in Auburn, California. After graduating from Texas A&M University he spent time as an IT Project Manager before eventually transitioning to a full-time writing career. His interests involve spending time in the mountains whenever he is not researching and writing about ever-evolving technology and digital marketing trends.
Ivan Boshkov

Ivan Boshkov

Software Engineer | Web Developer | Author

The biggest and most influential LinkedIn member from Macedonia. Master of all traits driven into dominating the market. Driven by success and ambition, my goal is to conquer.

silvester makau

Web Developer | Author

I am an exceptional article writer coupled with two years of experience in scratching keyboard and offering unique solutions to my clients. I am capable of delivering error-free content of any nice. Hire me for a fruitful co-operation.

Yuliia Krupenko

Communications and PR Lead at Bla Bla Car

Yuliia is a freelance content strategist and marketer for more than 5 years. Her background in economics as well as profound experience in tech companies and start-ups give her a possibility to write on CRM related topics and constantly learn technology trends.

Fanny Weicherding

Freelance author for CRMRead

My name is Fanny Weicherding and I am a young professional with a background in corporate executive search for different industries. I currently work as a freelance author for CRMRead. Have written extensively on sales, support and marketing functions of CRM Software.
Nasir Khan

Nasir Khan

CRM Evangelist and Leader

More than decade serving client-contact, consistently contributing above average, expertise been honed in cultivating strategic relationship, anticipating problems and communicating with warms, persuasive conviction.
Positioned SugarCRM as the most favorable CRM for BFSI industry in India and on-boarded leading public section bank and other prominent financial companies on SugarCRM platform.
Powerful Business Development and Account Management capabilities with extensive experience in CRM, ERP, HRMS, BI, Resource Management and other business software tools.

Tony Gilbert

CRM Influencer at CRM Read

Distinguished experience of over 15 years in CRM consulting and implementation projects of all sizes. Extensive background in telecommunications, IT, Banking industries enables me to have a profound view on large integrations and CRM systems.

Padmajah Badri

CRM Blogger and Marketer

An MBA with specialization in HRM, Digital marketer, Google certified Adwords specialist, research writer, Avid blogger in leading sites like Hub pages, Helium, soft skills.
Ideate and create content pieces like Blogs, Ebooks, Case Studies, Use Case Studies, Whitepapers, Newsletters, Marketing Collaterals. Formulate the content strategy for both inbound and outbound.

Josh Wardini

Community Manager at

Josh Wardini, Editorial Contributor and Community Manager at With a preliminary background in communication and expertise in community development, Josh works day-to-day to reshape the human resource management of digitally based companies. When his focus trails outside of community engagement, Josh enjoys the indulgences of writing amidst the nature conservations of Portland, Oregon.

Soubhik Chakrabarti

CRM Blogger at CRM Read

Graduated from one of the top National Law Universities, I have successfully built a business with a turnover more than $100,000 CAD today.

Manage teams every day, seamlessly, working towards creating quality content and planning the right marketing strategies. Run, with a P.A. score of over 30. Also, manage social media accounts for clients, and offer consultancy services.

Having worked for over 500+ clients and organizations, expect me to deliver nothing short of outstanding.

Specialities: Writing, creative writing, content writing, legal content, copywriting.

Vandana Sharma

Woman Icon Asia Pacific 2017 BERG Singapore, TEDx Speaker, Military veteran, Entrepreneur

I'm a senior industry leader offering twenty one years of rich and diverse experience across Strategy, HR, Resource Management, General Management and Operations. I have acquired unique competencies owing to conscious selection of unconventional career options and personal pursuit of excellence based on continuous learning and growth.

Key Skills:
Accelerated learning and growth based customised manpower models, Organisation transformation, New Venture set up, Revival and Turnaround, Budgetary cost analysis, Post merger Integration, Project Implementations, Risk analysis, Designing and implementing innovative strategies, managing HR in Large, diverse and distributed environment with varied startups and dynamic organisations.

Sectors and respective areas of functional expertise handled:
Government: People function, Planning, procurement, forecasting, warehousing and logistics operations in Indian Armed Forces
IT: Talent Acquisition, Risk and Compliance
Infrastructure: Leadership Development and Succession planning
Education Retail: Setting up and managing Channel network
Logistics: Organisation Development, Talent Acquisition
E–Commerce: Setting up HR function and managing large, diverse and distributed work force, Leading Employee engagement, Learning function, Talent branding, CSR and Diversity initiatives
Startups: More than Six years with high growth Indian startups spearheading people functions through their growth and stabilisation journeys.

Prophet CRM Software, Prophet CRM helps lawyers to succeed

Ricardo Grob

SuiteCRM Consultant - US & Canada

Consulting and development of projects in CRM. Implementation, customization, integration and implementation of SuiteCRM for companies of different sizes and different industries or segments.

Neha Gupta

Content Writer at CRM Read

Content Writing, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization(SEO). These are the things which drives me from within!! Transparency in character is what I adore the most in anyone. I do believe in making people happy because there is already so much of chaos going on in the world.

Zépur Tchokaklian

IT Project Manager

Born and raised in Beirut, now living in Yerevan Armenia.
I am always on the edge of rising, I never like to stay where I am in a job, evolution is the reason of my changes. We will live once, life is the prettiest thing earth gave us... I am enjoying it by rising and evolving... sometimes the simplest job can make me the greatest person on earth. I don't believe in positions but work to be done. if you can do it that you're the master if no than the title you have is useless.

Samreen Taj

Primarily Academic Writer

Samreen Taj is primarily an academic writer and performing edits based on the feedback from the clients. Writing articles for CRM Read, preparing landing pages and mentoring content writers on blog posts, promotional write-ups and press release activities.

Written on a variety of topics on different CRM Software systems. Presented ideas, opinions, & tech leadership content in a way that makes readers to digest the information more quickly.

Dhananjay Parkhe

Self-Published Author International Consultant,

Dhananjay is a Self-Published Author, Artist, Poet, StartPreneur Mentor, C Suite Mentor, CSR Advisor, International Consultant, Strategic /Motivational and KeyNote Speaker, he is an Ex-MNC Director, Advisor to SMEs, Ex-Censor Board Member, Certified Excellence Assessor, Certified Independent Director, He is a Hobby artist, critic, Self Published Author on, Assessor for QSHE Standards and Social Accountability and Investor in People Standards. Jay is a Winner. He has won several Global and National Awards.Jay helps people understand how our thoughts and environment we operate gives us cues, prompts, nudges, prods, provocation, challenge and triggers that create negative vibes, thoughts, behaviors.

Tapas Bhattasaly

International Association for Media Communication and Research

Tapas has over 24 years of Leadership roles and General Management functional experience in diverse sectors
which include, Engineering & Technology, Mineral Resources, Media & Entertainment, Mobile Wallets,
Logistics & Giant warehousing, Taxi-Technology, Telecom, Recycling Services, Virtual/E-learning &
Training, Non-Banking & Financial services, Consumer Durables and Home Healthcare Services.
He has worked across various locations in India, including overseas locations such as London, USA,
Toronto, Australia, Zagreb, Dubai, Venice, Dronero, Barcelona, DR Congo, in Senior level positions. He has experience in handling CRM as a functional domain

Yamunai Thuraivan

CRM Blogger And Marketer

Yamunai Thuraivan is a mechanical engineer by profession who quenches his thirst for writing under the pseudonym ``Dhasa Sathyan``. At 28, he has published his first book ``Among the stars - a collection of short stories`` that addresses several social issues like child abuse and prostitution with stories ranging from horror, drama to science fiction. He blogs his ideas at and is a fan of psychology and philosophy.He currently resides in Chennai with his family. He is a believer of existentialism and aims to use his writing to bring about a change in the way we perceive the world around us. He is working on his second book - a literary fiction of high drama that questions several social stigmas.

Rashmi Agrawal

Content Writer at CRM Read

I am a software engineer by day job and a writer all other time. I write short stories to microfictions and enjoy reciting them to my 7 YO daughter. Other than writing and reading (obvious choices), my hobbies include a bit of gardening and cooking too. I am an ambivert.

I used to write a food blog in 2012-13 because I was interested in writing, but it did not flourish well due to logistics issue. I again kindled my writing skills in 2017 when I started writing short and very short stories for, a mobile writing platform.

Prita Kulkarni

Analytical Researcher, Marketing Consultant and Natural Born Writer

I am a consultant with 3 years of training in consulting, writing, and analytical work. My strong
points are in market research and analysis, social media and digital marketing, networking, and
business development. I have a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from UC Riverside, and an
MBA with an emphasis in business plan development from Baylor University. I offer valuable
consulting advice to startup for profit businesses, and to start up nonprofit organizations (in the
form of analytical reports, general consulting advice, social media marketing assistance, website
development assistance and suggestions, sales calls, and more).
I am an independent consultant who is networking through my present employers to find
connections among government officials and other consultants globally for various opportunities
to assist social enterprises and nonprofits in solving the pressing social issues currently facing
the world

Ankita Chatterjee

Market Research and Ad sales Coordinator

Ankita Chatterjee is a blogger and a traveler by heart with an interest in creative writing such as poems and short stories. She is an ardent food lover and does not hesitate from trying different dishes and cuisines. In her leisure she sketches out her imagination on paper either through words or charcoal. She accepts the challenges that life offers each time with a positive attitude and a smile.

Sangeetha Rathore

Content Writer at CRM Read

Flair for writing and passion for writing is what defines me. I write articles and write ups to please people’s heart and to become a part of their mind space. As a blogger I have been writing regularly on momspresso and Indus woman writing. Apart from writing articles based on motherhood and parenting, I also have the experience of writing short stories and articles related to American Political system. I found this passion the day, I became a mother. It was a hidden desire that came into being when I became a mother and developed a further passion to write and express.
My highest ranking amongst thousands of writer has been 493 in Momspresso and have received more than 18ooo views for various posts of mine. I am happily married and reside in India. I am blessed to have a beautiful angel who is the inspiration behind my writing.
I have completed my management program from South India and have worked with reputed groups like HDFC bank, Citibank and Edu comp.

Bhanurekha Condur

Analytical Researcher, Marketing Consultant and Natural Born Writer

Associate Vice President at Sutherland Global Services ,a leading ITES organization .

Bhanu heads one of the large delivery sites in Chennai , Her role is to drive improvements on the client satisfaction , customer NPS and employee satisfaction of the organization leading to business expansion.

With 25 years of experience in the IT and ITES industry, Bhanu has done several roles that include Software Training and Development, project management, Quality , Transition and Service Delivery. Been with Sutherland for the last 16 years, Bhanu has traveled across the globe and has managed large teams globally.

Bhanu is also heading the Prevention of sexual Harassment (POSH)at workplace , ICC (Internal Complaints Committee )and also driving women in technology as a special focus.

Her special focus over the last few years have been on improving gender diversity at workplace and implementing CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility ) ,as head CSR India

Bhanu also is the Vice President of eWIT(empowering Women in IT/ITES working to drive women empowerment !

Her other interests include active participation in women networks, running marathons, traveling & spirituality.

Companies worked for include ITC , Cat Computer Centre , NIIT and Sutherland Global Services

Priyanka Kanjilal

B2B Content Writer

Her love for writing started in her teens and that at a later date, made her, take up varied assignments. Working as a content writer, this MBA grad from ICFAI has dabbled into commercial, technical and educational writing apart from preparing study material for pre-primary and teachers. With simplified crisp writing and the essence intact, she has written quite a few articles and blogs on myriad topics. For her, the greatest quality in a person is to be humble and be a learner, forever. It is this learner in her that motivates her to take on new challenges with a fresh perspective.

A mother of two children, she loves when it pitter-patters on the roofs, and there is a dark melancholy hanging in the clouds. She is complete petrichor lover and loves painting pottery. A night bird at heart, she hates mornings, loves having intense conversations and long walks under the stars.

Shiva Kushwaha

Technology Content Writer

Shiva Kushwaha is a lead blog writer, blogger & content marketer, he publishes and manage the contents on many blogs. Shiva writes about lifestyle, technology, travel, health and more. He has been in the marketing industry since 5 years and with a very valuable experience in this industry, He has marked his footprints as a renowned guest blogger in Delhi.

Amit Sharma

Software Developer cum Professional Writer

Me (Amit Sharma) is an all-time professional Writer and very honest sincere and up-front blogger. In general, I try to blog up-front and honest, without being argumentative or confrontive. I take care not to offend, but sometimes, I just want to bash intelligence into some brains.

Suba Lakshminarasimhan

Founder of SLN Brand Studio

the Founder of SLN Brand Studio, is a Personal Branding Strategist, passionate Writer, Coach and a Trainer. Suba aids C-Suite and Mid-level professionals to create a personal branding through her consulting, Resume, LinkedIn writing and Profile Building solutions.

As a Career Coach and a Softskill Trainer, Suba helps in enhancing the personality traits, creating value-based personal branding to the professionals, from Freshers to Mid-level.

A zealous writer supports organizations and businesses to build their CoE (Center of Excellence) through the content building and various training services. Through ‘Women Contentment Program’ from SLN Brand Studio, Suba has been transforming the lives of Women with Professional Aspirations and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

The Continuous Education, Business Acumen, and Strong Relationship Management being her strengths, Suba brings more than 14 years of corporate and Entrepreneurial experience.

An MBA graduate and an Alumni of TCS, Suba Possess firm leadership record handling clients and other stakeholders with Empathy and Emotional Intelligence.

Mohammed Sohel Ather

Software Developer and Blogger

Sohel Ather is a Senior Software Engineer and content marketing expert, He enjoys exploring the latest software development technologies and taking on new challenges. As a senior software engineer he is responsible for the development of management software products produced by the company.
Amir Wilson

Amer Wilson

Software Developer And Blogger

Amer is a CRM consultant at Rolustech and aims to provide expert advice and inspiration to small business owners through his blogs. He has been in the business for nearly a decade now and is our go-to-guy for all things CRM. If he’s not churning out new articles and directing the content strategy for our blog, Amer can be found pumping iron at the gym.``

Stephen T. Boyd

Software Developer - CPIM CSCP

Writing Memoirs of a Black Belt as a guest blogger for Arkieva
In this guest blog series titled: “Memoirs of a Black Belt,” Stephen Boyd a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and 30-year supply chain veteran, shares his insights on achieving higher levels of performance using data from existing systems.
Shwetha Sriram

Shwetha Sriram

HR Manager cum IT Blogger

An individual with strong emotional quotient, but with a soft heart. I carry a lot of wit while in discussion which ensures to pull folks around. I hold experience in HR recruitment| staffing| induction & on boarding | Payroll

Jenv T Corre

Software Developer Content Writer and Researcher

Jenv T Corre is a Content Writer and Researcher at a digital marketing agency in the Philippines. She enthusiastically stepped into the writing world in 2006. She writes for clients and her personal blog.
Srilakshmi Mrudula

Srilakshmi Mrudula Nallagonda

Content Writer

An effective blogger with ample experience writing for various niche topics for Mompresso. I have a passion to write and I like to imagine and relate my thoughts in to reality.
Nisha Joshi

Nisha Joshi

Content Writer

I am a computer engineer. I have completed a diploma in animation and was working in the vfx industry for 3 years, first as an artist then as a team lead. Later, i was working as a centre head at a popular preschool. I was on a career break during marriage and delivery and took up writing, as I have a good command over English and can work with deadlines. Currently, I write as a freelancer and I'm looking for long-term, well-paying work in various niches.

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