In this blog, you will be getting an insight into the Bpm online CRM goals and the  features of Bpm online CRM in Telecom industry.

BPM Online CRM features

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Bpm Online Telecom CRM

The telecom market is undoubtedly one of the fastest changing and growing markets nowadays. In order to be more productive and have a greater impact on customer loyalty operators should focus on creating a multichannel customer experience with consistent business processes that are used by all channels.

Features of Bpm Online CRM

Features of Bpm Online CRM in Telecom industry
  • Features of Bpm online CRM in telecom industry unites both solutions and delivers telecommunication CRM+BPM tools out of the box.
  • In order to build trustworthy relationships with customers and create a cohesive management environment, companies tend to implement both the CRM and BPM solutions.
  • Features of Bpm online CRM in telecom industry harnesses a wide range of tools – from conventional sales promotions, to generating feedback on customers. And BPM facilitates an easier integration with databases and enterprise systems.

Goals of Bpm Online CRM

Bpm online CRM goals are listed below

Customer Data management
  • Use CRM for telecommunications to get a complete customer history.
  • Add any parameter you need to segment your customers.
  • Streamline customer data collection to provide managers with cogent information for strategic planning and control.
  • Track contacts through the entire life-cycle and provide an instant access to work details.
  • Extract consolidated data on every customer.
Improving the Sales Opportunities
  • Bpm online CRM goals is to launch and manage multichannel campaigns and track responses.
  • Use tools of telecommunications CRM to analyze the customer database in multiple dimensions.
  • Align processes’ functions and technologies with new market demands.
  • Interpret demand and create products that perfectly fit customer needs.
  • Target the right customers with the right offers while staying within the budget and channel capacities.
  • Dovetail the sales strategy processes with competitive advantage.
Increasing Sales
  • Forecast demand in terms of sales volumes for products and services.
  • Oversee your sales managers – trace their performance at every stage negotiation.
  • Generate invoices in telecommunications CRM with a complete description of services provided.
  • Activate/deactivate a service in case of unresolved debt issues.
  • Bpm online CRM goals is to build effective work with dealers.
  • Perform comparative analyses for current and historical pipelines.
  • Deliver cheaper and more effective processes to reduce the cost-per-customer.
  • Automate routine operations to ensure fast feedback and response to customer demands.
  • Continuously analyze process outcomes.
Cross Sales Augmentation
  • With help of telecommunications CRM automatically generate a new quotation to a customer based on historical information.
  • Supply managers with just-in-time information.
  • Automatically keep abreast of a contract’s expiration date in order to get an extension if need be.
  • Continuously monitor user demands in order to maximize cross- and up-selling.
Network Profitability Enhancement
  • Forecast and analyze projects’ profitability.
  • Forecast project costs.
  • Automatically calculate projects’ revenues, taking into account all expenses.
  • Get a consolidated financial report.
Delivering True Customer Service
  • Give a single point of access to deliver a seamless customer experience.
  • Provide better handling of customer activities.
  • Track activities to ensure adherence to working procedures.
  • Handle incident escalation procedure and notify about status updates.
  • Prevent work delays by setting up a real-time monitoring system to check work progress.
  • Deliver services only in scope of SLA terms.
Building Customer Loyalty
  • Use a powerful tool to build various loyalty programs.
  • Trace all orders related to the program.
  • Assign, withdraw and recalculate bonuses.
  • Generate a consolidated report on bonus distribution.
Elevation of Contact Center Efficiency
  • Track all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Display key account information right at the moment of calling.
  • Automate call delivery.
  • Launch a telemarketing campaign.
  • Save your call records.
  • Use IVR.
  • Employ knowledge base for instant retrieval of any piece of information at the moment of a call.
Documents Management
  • Minimize paperwork, use electronic documents to deal with invoices, purchase request forms and order forms.
  • Use telecommunications CRM to automatically generate invoices and billing reports.
  • Get an instant access to payment information.
  • Maintain different document versions and a single template library.
  • Streamline document processing by using electronic approval tools.
  • Use the electronic document transfer to prevent data duplication.
Increasing the Productivity
  • Minimize work errors through process standardization.
  • Operate within a unified communication platform.
  • Deliver better collaboration through real-time step-by-step management.
  • Automatically handle exceptions, initiate follow-up measures according to pre-defined business rules.

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