In this article, you will be getting an insight into the Bpm online telecom CRM and applications of Bpm Online CRM.

Bpm Online CRM - Telecom

Samsung CRM Introduction - Case Study

About Bpm’Online Telecom CRM

Bpm online telecom CRM overview
  • Bpm online telecom CRM offers telecom companies tools to engage customers across all communication channels, obtain a 360-degree customer view, forecast and increase sales, lower customer churn, boost agents’ productivity and meet customer demands in the digital era.
  • With its comprehensive CRM, Bpm’online provides an ultimate opportunity for telecommunication companies that are looking to integrate disparate technologies and fragmented systems into one coherent solution to deliver more cohesive and personalized omni-channel customer experiences.

Bpm Online CRM Applications

The Applications of Bpm Online CRM for telecom industry are listed as below

Sales and order management

Easily manage the whole sales and order process with in Bpm’online CRM for telecoms.

  • Sales and order management
  • Key account management
  • Contract and renewal process automation, cross- and up-selling
  • Sales forecasting
  • Managing product catalog with products and services available to sell to the customer, capabilities to bundle offers, manage discounts and promotions.
Subscriber database management

A comprehensive CRM database allows for keeping a complete history of all customer interactions in one place.

  • Complete history of communications
  • Intelligent segmentation
  • Smart duplicate search and merge to keep data clean and up-to-date
  • Analysis of subscribers database in multiple dimensions
Network profitability management
  • Leverage bpm’online CRM for telecoms to increase revenue from networks, services and applications
  • Applications of Bpm Online CRM includes inventory and resource management
  • Project management for provisioning processes
  • Projects profitability forecasting and analysis
Simplified documents flow management
  • Easily manage a whole set of contracts, invoices, policies and other documents.
  • Tools to minimize paperwork by utilizing electronic documents
  • Integration with telecom billing and ERP platforms
  • Storing, sharing and approving documents on one platform
Service management
  • Provide personalized service with an accurate and complete view of your customers across all channels.
  • Service and telemarketing contact centers automation
  • Service request and case management
  • Service delivery according to SLA terms
  • Order fulfillment management
Marketing, demand generation and loyalty
  • Automate every step of your marketing campaign and estimate ROI.
  • Multichannel campaign management
  • Tracking demand and creating products that best fit customer needs
  • Tracking subscribers acquisition channels
  • Marketing resource management
  • Loyalty program management

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