Overview of Capsule CRM Benefits:Features of Capsule CRM

Read on to learn about the numerous Capsule CRM benefits and features of Capsule CRM for the businesses:

Capsule allows you to have a complete contact management program by storing and organizing information about your customers and contacts, including tasks and to-do lists. You can also create custom categories for various data about your contacts. Keeping track of the people, organizations, and companies that you do business with is easier with Capsule.

Data about your contacts can easily be shared with your team or the entire company using Capsule. You can import contacts from Outlook, Gmail, V-card, spreadsheets and any CSV file into Capsule. Additional information such as notes about communications with contacts, meeting outcomes, among others, can easily be added in the file.

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Capsule also gives you a quick summary of opportunities via the sales dashboard. You can keep track of the various opportunities and milestones that are linked with a success factor which you can use to forecast potential sales revenues.

With Capsule, you can generate reports and extracts from the pipeline using configurable filters.

Capsule’s servers are hosted in Amazon’s data centers, assuring your data is safe and secure. In addition, information that passes between your computer and our servers is encrypted using a technology called SSL, the same technology that banks use to protect data.

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With Capsule, your data is stored in multiple locations in real time, and in addition, Capsule also makes a further backup of your data every hour.

There is no software to install with Capsule, and because you access it online you are always using the latest version.

A capsule can be integrated with other popular business software such as, Xero, FreshBooks, Zendesk, MailChimp, among others.

Thus,These were some of the Features of Capsule CRM. Capsule CRM is very beneficial for the businesses and helps businesses in numerous ways.



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