In this blog, you will be getting an insight on the CASCRM for automotive industry and its application. The CASCRM benefits and CASCRM features for the automotive industry is also discussed. There are few industrial sectors as dynamic as the automotive industry. Car dealerships are very keen on exceptional customer service and focus on checking the competency levels if they want to be in competition.

CASCRM for Automotive Industry

Your CRM software requirements
  • Effective sales support.
  • Manage service and customer appointments.
  • Increase your customer satisfaction so that you can retain existing customers and win new customers by word-of-mouth.

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CASCRM Benefits

CASCRM for automotive industry helps car dealers to provide excellent service to customers by offering first rate service and expert advice. All of your customer data is stored and managed centrally so that all of your employees have immediate access to customer data at a click of the mouse.

Sales can enjoy the support that CRM gives them and this means they have more time for selling. Your sales team have all the information they need, which they can even access when mobile, data such as customer addresses and information on optional extras is available at the touch of a button. The CRM tool provides quick access to information so that they can save time.

CASCRM benefits enhances Business development by showing all business processes in a transparent manner. The management team can make more informed decisions as they have reports, analyses or turnover forecasts at their disposal.

CASCRM features at a glance

Contact management

The smart address management features let you effortlessly manage your addresses. Duplicates can be merged by touching the button, and any incorrect or incomplete or inconsistent information will be notified by the program. You can also enhance your address data with information from external reference databases.

Customer dossier

This file contains all available information on the customer. Customer dossier has a chronological list of all documents, correspondence, activities, projects and receipts on ERP. All information is stored in a central database which can be accessed by all authorized personnel, ensuring authentic and convincing communication.

Sales dashboard

The sales dashboard keeps track of the sales and provides an insight on Sales trends. The dashboard displays all documents, addresses, appointments, tasks, follow-ups, phone calls, sales reports and documents.

Tasks and complaints

CASCRM features lets you keep an eye on all tasks. You can delegate and monitor tasks and once they have been completed, you can then create follow-ups. The filter allows you to sort and display tasks by actionable date, process owner, and so on.

Phone calls

The smart “caller ID” feature enables you to see who is calling before you even pick up the phone. Calls are automatically logged and linked with the address. Phone numbers that have not been registered in your system can be cross-referenced with an external address service provider. With a click of your mouse, you can also dial the customer’s number directly from the customer’s dossier.


You can analyze your customer contacts, the success of marketing campaigns, and so on. Almost any type of data can be analyzed; for example, sales opportunities according to customers, products or particular brands.

The notification and action service

The notification and action service provides a platform for a wide system, configurable rules in free mode so that there is an automatic trigger on the follow-up actions and notifications. The system then monitors the database for changes data records. For example, the system can be set to remind you to invite customers to service appointments or call potential buyers for a test drive.

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