In this blog, you will be getting an insight on the Cerillion CRM overview and benefits of Cerillion CRM for telecommunication.

Cerillion CRM

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Cerillion CRM for telecommunications

Cerillion CRM Overview
  • Cerillion CRM overview – It always helps to connect with your customers. Cerillion CRM Plus is an omni-channel comprehensive CRM solution integrating all the aspects of customer relationship life-cycle for telecoms services.
  • Cerillion provides convergent CRM & Billing, Charging, Interconnect, Mediation and Provisioning solutions to fixed, mobile, cable and multi-service telecom operators worldwide.
  • CRM Plus has an integrated suite allowing the sales and customer service staff to manage all aspects of the customer life-cycle efficiently: from initial contact, to sales, post sales, and financial and marketing management.
  • It helps improve the customer experience by enabling high quality, consistent customer service across all contact channels, including call centre, dealer outlet, and online self-service and social media platforms.
  • Integrated workflow management and automated processes enable streamlined operations whilst providing a complete audit trail of customer contact activities.

Benefits of Cerillion CRM

Benefits of Cerillion CRM for telecommunication are listed below

Optimized Customer Service Experience

CRM Plus is specifically designed to manage the business processes of a communications services provider.

Improved customer experience

Real-time access to all information enables a rapid response to customer enquiries.

Streamline your order-to-cash

Pre-integrated with Service Manager and Revenue Manager modules for end-to-end sales fulfilment.

Omni-channel customer service

Deploy in call centres, retail outlets and with the optional Self Service module for online sales and self-service account management.

Operational efficiency

Integrated workflow management helps to streamline key business processes, using automation to support the task dependencies to ensure a consistent quality of service is delivered.

Single source of the truth

Benefits of Cerillion CRM for telecommunication is that it has a single system for managing the complete life-cycle of customers, products, services and revenues.

Insight on the Cerillion Express

  • Accelerate Your Business Plan. Cerillion Express for Mobile is a pre-configured and pre-integrated CRM & Billing solution which provides all the elements required to support a mobile operator’s business in one off-the-shelf package.
  • In many cases new and recently started business ventures, in both emerging and mature markets, require a complete solution to support their end-to-end customer management and billing processes.
  • At the same time, the solution they put in place must be capable of adapting and growing as the business takes off, supporting any changes in direction and fine tuning that are required “on the fly” without constraining flexibility or slowing progress.
  • Cerillion Express for Mobile is Cerillion’s solution to these challenges, built on more than 20 years’ experience delivering CRM & Billing solutions to mobile operators worldwide. Packaged with a complete set of implementation services, Cerillion Express can be put into service in just 10 weeks.
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