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CAR-Research Offers Comprehensive Automotive CRM Solutions

Comprehensive automotive CRM

Auto Dealer CRM Software, comprehensive Automotive CRM Solution.

In this blog, you can get more insights on the comprehensive automotive CRM solutions and Auto Dealer CRM software.

What can my company do with your automotive CRM?

Using our revolutionary software your company will be able to:

  • Increase Sales
  • Retain Clients
  • Service More Vehicles

We offer the solution to increase traffic Auto Dealer CRM software to your website, convert more leads, and increase your overall sales. Strengthen your company’s client communication skills with tools that make staying in touch and maintaining relationships easier than ever. Ultimately, you’ll service more vehicles by getting more customers in the door.

By providing more information about each vehicle, your company will be able to service as many vehicles as your staff can manage. We also offer a wide variety of other tools within our program that handle different everyday tasks to help make your job easier.

How do you compare to other companies that offer dealership software?

While there are many companies out there offering CRM programs, we are the only company that can boast these 3 qualities:

  • Single Source Solution
  • Exceed Traditional CRMs
  • Voted Top-Rated CRM 3 Years In A Row

We work hard to make sure we combine everything your company needs into one easy-to-use program. It not only saves you time and energy, but ultimately it saves your company money. We exceed traditional programs by providing revolutionary technology that goes above and beyond what’s expected out of your typical dealership software. We are proud to be recognized as top rated CRM( Auto Dealer CRM software) for 3 successive years. How many other companies do you know can make that claim?

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Comprehensive automotive CRM solutions.

Is car-Research XRM easy to use?

Our program is not only easy to use, but we provide onsite training to teach you how to use the software in the most efficient way possible. If you sign up for CAR-Research XRM you will receive:

  • Training Tailored to Your Dealership’s Selling Process
  • Periodic In-Person Visits
  • Webinars
  • Helpful Training Courses on the Web
  • Comprehensive Reports

One-of-a-Kind Tech Support

We make sure you know the best way to use the software to get your company the best results. Along with the training we provide there are a number of tools within the Business Development Center to help you train new employees that join your staff and ensure current employees are working with the utmost efficiency.

CAR-Research’s single-source solution exceeds traditional CRMs

A single-source comprehensive automotive CRM solutions from CAR-Research can be your best friend when it comes to increasing web traffic, converting visits into sales and leads, and even retaining customers. We created this dealer management software piece by piece using our vast experience and knowledge of the industry. We place process and accountability at the forefront of what we do and the result is customers are consistently outperforming their competitors.

The CRM research tool you can access all sales and service history of a customer, browse through real time reports, auto-clean of database, target marketing, using a single click.Contact us today and find out what our software can do for you.

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