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Understanding Customer Thought Process and Customer Engagement Strategies

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In this article, you will get an insight into the customer thought process and engagement strategies. Understanding customer behavior is imperative for businesses to retain a strong hold on the market share.  It is also one of the major challenges faced by marketers and businessmen.

It is not unusual for business owners to feel like they have lost touch with their customers. To help those business owners and marketers in understanding their customers better and understanding the overall thought process of customers is why we have penned down this blog.

You will learn a lot about customer behavior, techniques for understanding customer behavior, customer engagement strategies and the role of CRM in customer engagement.

Let us begin with three golden rules of understanding your customers.

Rule number one is to always begin with market history. It is like a guidebook with deep, detailed and meaningful insights.

Rule number two is to narrate informed stories. It is a market tactic that always works. A well-created story is what forms your brand narrative.

Rule number three is to demonstrate value, not explain it. Choose to demonstrate how it works instead of explaining your product.

Finally, as a rule of thumb, make something exclusive and then make it look attractive. Exclusivity imbibes a feeling of limited availability which in itself is attractive. This is exactly what Tesla did, that is, played the exclusivity card.

After we have read the rules, let us now talk about the techniques used to understand the customers.

Create Robust Buyer Personas

It is an important technique to apply. Many marketers make the mistake of using basic demographic information such as profession, age, and location. With these basic details, marketers can only create basic messages that do not connect with the audience on an emotional level.

There are various methods that you can use to create buyer personas. One way is to use the Acquisitions Tab on Google Analytics. It will provide you with information about the industry blogs, social media outlets, and professional forums where your site receives most traffic from.

Another way is to acquire keyword data. This will help you find the terms or descriptions that your prospective customers use to look up for products or services like the ones you offer.

Data Generated from Customer Analytics

Thanks to technology, there is so much available to learn from about a customer, be it a link they clicked or a web page they read. Almost every customer action has the powerful insight to offer.

Use a user-behavior tracking tool to determine the ways in which customers interact with your website. There are tools like Google Analytics which prove a good aid in gathering insights such as bounce rate and time spent on a page.

These details can provide useful insights and help you locate the sections that your audience couldn’t understand clearly.

Predict and Plan the Future

Of course, when it comes to the future there is only so much that you can predict. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot. In fact, you should by all means.

Many industry veterans vouch for predictive modeling software that helps fetch existing customer data. This software is widely used to identify patterns and trends capable of influencing decision making.

Another way to predict is through historical behavior data. You are likely to find useful details. For instance, you may learn about the features that your customers used often, and the ones they used little or not at all.

You can also use software like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to gather your own data over time, say about customer expectation.

Once you have information about the customer thought process, historical data and predictions and forecasts then are the moment to ponder over your customer engagement strategies.

Before we proceed, let us take a jiffy to understand customer engagement.

So, what is customer engagement?

It is a process of engaging your customers and encouraging them to interact and share their experiences either created by your business/marketer or attained through your product or services.

There are aplenty customer engagement strategies globally discussed by industry veterans and marketers. Here, in this blog, we will be discussing five of them.

Five Customer Engagement Strategies Drawn from Customer Success Stories

To build a loyal customer base, these strategies will prove extremely helpful.

  • Make Customer Experience Your Top Priority

Gone are the days when making a supreme product was all one needed to succeed in business if at all there were days like that.

Today, customers have a global voice and an ability to reach the wider audience. Imagine viral posts, videos, and tweets.

Therefore, take the cue from Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon who says obsessing over your customers is the key; and make the customer experience your top priority. And after you do so, you would see a major growth in your customer success stories.

  • Opt for Humanizing Your Brand

Brands, like companies, are made of people and for people. Make sure you humanize your brand in order to capitalize on your brand.

Create a brand that imbues a feeling of empathy and thoughtfulness. Make your customers feel like your brand understands them and inspire them with a unique sense of relatability.

  • Personalize your Communications

Write as you would speak. Speak as you would interact with your peers. This is the golden rule.

Make your customers feel that behind your brand name is a group of people who see customers as humans, understands them, and who want to be a part of the customer’s lives as much as they would want customers to be a part of their brand’s life.

  • Pay Close Attention to What Your Customer Is Saying

Many brands commit this giant mistake of turning their eyes and attention away from their customers. But those brands who turn their ears away from their customers end up committing a major blunder.

Listen to your customers, and after doing so, talk to them. Understand why they are angry or what made them happy. Be a pal to them and you could easily build a bond.

  • Maintain an Amiable Social Presence

How you appear on various social media channels portrays your brand’s values. Social media is also a wonderful way to engage with your customers.

You can create infographics to inform your customers, plan live social media events to draw attention, create contests to engage them and so much more.


Customers are the key to success for every business and this is an age-old phenomenon which will never fade away.

Having said that, use the information shared in this blog to understand the thought process of your customers and with that knowledge, build your own customer engagement strategies to ultimately create customer success stories for your business.

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