In this blog, you will get an insight into best customizable education CRM and ways of CRM customization for education industry.

Customizable Education CRM

10 Features of Dquip Education CRM

Education CRM

Customizable education CRM

Education is the very critical and most important for any country as it has an effect on the economic growth and intellectual development of its people. The 21st century is the time of information technology. In so doing, it’s vitally important for every modern society to provide a stable bond between education and high-tech innovations.

The customizable education CRM is a boon to administrators as it helps in customizing the software based on business requirements. Forms, Fields, Views, Emails, SMS, Product Logo, Templates, Reports, and Dashboards are all customizable to suit client requirements.

  • Customize Forms, Fields, Reports
  • Customize Email, SMS Templates
  • Email/Web to Form Integration
  • Integrated with Leading Systems

Customizing Education CRM

Ways of CRM customization for education industry are listed below

Form & Fields CRM Customization
  • New Fields

Add or remove fields such as text, dropdown as per your business requirement.

  • Rename Fields

Rename existing fields or modules to suit your business process.

  • Field Positions

Change field positions in forms as per your requirement.

  • Enable/Disable Email/SMS Alerts

You can Enable or Disable Email/SMS Notifications for sending automatic alerts.

  • Customize Form Views, Searches

The Form views, search criteria fields can be customized based on end user requirement.

  • Dropdown or Pick list Customization

You can add a pick list or modify existing picklist as per your need.

Reports & Templates Customization
  • Customized Reports

Create your own customized reports by adding or removing columns or fields.

  • Email Templates Customization

Use built in HTML editor to customize the email templates with business specific.

  • SMS Templates Customization

The SMS Template can be customized by using edit option and can be modified based on end user requirement.

  • Product Logo, Title Personalization

Personalize the product title, logo to suit your company branding.

  • Quotation Terms Customization

Customized quotation template to suit your business with terms & conditions.

  • Mobile App Customization

Show/hide fields or forms in mobile app as per your business process.

Customizable Education Consultant CRM Salient Features
  • Lead Automation

Automatically capture leads from Property Portals like shiksha, career360 etc…

  • Students/Leads

Education Business Specific Lead screen to capture student interests in courses, activities, etc…

  • Admission Opportunity

Manage qualified leads with expected value discounts, commissions & pending payments.

  • Courses Master

Courses Master to maintain course information like course type, duration & amount.

  • Site Visits, Sales Calls

It is very easier to plan, assign & track outcome of site visits. The site visits can be spooled as a Daily report using the mobile GPS location accessibility.

  • Telecaller Performance

Measure telecaller performance by tracking new & follow up calls and site visits/meetings

  • Agents Master

Agent Master with partner contact details, commission’s details. Track leads till bookings.

  • Parents Communication

Send automated, manual SMS, Email communications to Students & Parents

  • Up & Cross Selling

Upsell & Cross Sell other related service such as other courses, skill development packages.

Elinext group offers customized CRM in education domain

Our company always bases its activity on individual approach to every client. The development of CRM customization for education industry can assist them increase students’ and educators’ satisfaction and better control the efforts to pilotless financial contribution from student, philanthropists organizations, donors, government, and even the public. That is why it is always essential to process your own version of CRM system in order to work more effectively and properly.

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