Comparative study on Daebuild and Dquip Real Estate CRM software.


Let us do a comparative analysis on  DaeBuild real estate CRM, Dquip Real Estate CRM software. It is always confusion for real estate developers to choose the correct Real Estate CRM suiting their business need and any wrong choice can cause serious impact on the real estate business. It is important to choose a suitable CRM for real estate based on lead conversion, sales management and contact management. In this blog, you will be getting an insight on comparison of two prominent Real Estate CRM softwares and their features and benefits. After reading this, the real estate developers can validate and choose the correct CRM for their business.

Comparative study on Daebuild and Dquip Real Estate CRM software. 1

DaeBuild Real Estate CRM software

  1. DaeBuild – Real Estate Sales Management Software brings in a positive change in Real Estate Sales Management & Building Customer Relations.
  2. The CRM is designed using advanced technology and can provide solution to technologically advanced software is Pre and Post Sales Customer Management. It includes various empowering features which bridges the gap between Builder and their customers.
  3. This Sales Management Software is designed exclusively focusing on the Indian Real Estate sector, and it helps the builders with a complete automated solution for various workflows starting from enquiry to possession of the apartment.

4. Its advanced document designer enables builders to automate their documentation process and instantly generate Sales Deed, Agreements, Demands, and Possession Letters etc as per one’s need

5. The Real Estate sector is envisioned more effectively by using this CRM as it provides them a single window facilitating the tracking of each and every single unit across all projects and schemes.

For more details related to the role of Dae Build real estate CRM property and sales management , please click the link as below

Role of DaeBuildRole of DaeBuild

Features of DaeBuild Real Estate CRM software.

  • DaeBuild software enables Real Estate Developers to manage and track Pre and Post Sales activities across all categories of their projects e.g Commercial, Residential, Plotting, Villas etc. Using single interface, you can track minute information of each unit spread across your various schemes.
  • Manage Inquiry Life Cycle with Trends, Statistics and around 15 MIS Reports.
  • You can develop your Unit Inventory with complete flexibility e.g you can decide what are the parameters for each unit of your Scheme. Single click would give you complete information about each unit of the scheme.
  • You can track status of units like Available, Booked, Sold, Blocked or Due for payment.
  • DaeBuild software enables you to Book, Sell and Block units. It is easier to decide the Company Name, Unit Type, Rates, Payment Methods and Plans, Bank Details, Approved Bankers for loan etc for each and every project within few minutes.
  • DaeBuild offers single screen interface to manage complete aspect of Customer Accounts from Booking Details, Payment Schedules, Reminders, Other Charges, Payments History, Interest, Service Tax, Brokerage, Stamp Duty, Cancellation, Transfers, Refunds, Documents Generation, Unit Logs etc.
  • Auto Calculation of Interest on Over Due Payments.
  • Manage Post Sales Inbound and Outbound Customer Interactions.
  • DaeBuild software maintains complete account of Sales made through Brokers.
  • Auto Payment Reminders via Email to Developer.
  • Auto Payment Reminders via Email and SMS to Client.
  • DaeBuild Document Management System offers single click generation of all major Real Estate documents from Booking to Possession.
  • DaeBuild software automatically triggers SMS and Email at the time of Inquiry, Bookings, Payment Receipts, Birthday’s, Anniversaries and other key instances.
  • Auto Payment Receipt generation.
  • Management can track various Trends across their schemes e.g trends related to Sales, Reservation, Monthly sales, Revenue, Payment due.
  • DaeBuild has extensive reporting system with more than 10 ready reports related to Properties, Payment Received, Payment Pending, Client Ledger, Installment, Brokerage due etc.
  • DaeBuild would enable you to record inquiries and take action on leads. Our inbuilt Bulk Mailing system would enable Developers to communicate with customers about New Launches offers etc.
  • DaeBuild has daily data backup and retrieval system.
  • DaeBuild Real Estate CRM Software is specifically tailored for Indian Real Estate Developers and enables them to manage and automate various processes related to Leads, Sales, Customer Accounts, Documents, Brokers, and Staff. It is preferred CRM software for various Real Estate Companies across India.
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Daebuild CRM benefitsDaebuild CRM benefits

Dquip Real Estate CRM software

Dquip Real Estate CRM software will help the real estate managers to schedule the  site visits, bookings, registrations, loans , payment schedules & more.

Key modules for Dquip Real Estate CRM software

Sales Target Module

  • Set, track and closely observe sales targets for your Real Estate business and sales people respectively.
  • Monitor your revenue growth.
  • Know & administer the sales performance of your business and sales teams.

Lead Module

  • Add multiple leads.
  • See the status of each lead follow-up and prioritize leads to close more deals quicker.
  • Categorize and allocate leads as per your desire.

Follow-up Module

  • Make follow-up calls, emails & sms with leads.
  • Schedule follow-up calls, emails, sms and site visits with leads.
  • Set reminders for follow-ups, calls and site visits.

Bookings Module

  • Add bookings of flats / shops.
  • Know your prospective business via the bookings done

Company Module

  • Add and manage your company and branch details, save and know basic contact details.
  • Add, modify and remove contact details & designations of employees according to departments.

Registration Module

  • Know all the registrations done.
  • Track payments & send reminders to clients.

Receipts Module

  • Generate receipts for the payments received from your clients.

Quotation Module

  • Create and send multiple quotations.
  • Know the quotation status, add closing dates, save versions and payment collection details.
  • Users can share quotations with other users in the CRM.

Client Module

  • You can add contact details of clients.
  • Assign, categorize, and communicate seamlessly with your clients via calls, emails and sms.
  • Users can share quotations with other users in the CRM.

Projects Module

  • Add & regulate sales relevant aspects of projects.
  • Feed-in their specifications, flat & shop capacity, etc.
  • Assign sales people & agents for respective projects.
  • Users can share quotations with other users in the CRM.

Loans Module

  • Handle loan processing for several property buyers.
  • Know your monetary benefits from loan procedures.

Flats Module

  • Feed-in numerous flats & their details.
  • Allocate sales people & agents for flats of respective buildings.
  • Know the flat bookings & progress status.

Agents Module

  • Add & manage multiple agents & their respective details.
  • Specify & manage their commissions & payments.
  • Spot your best & worst performing agents.

Builders Module

  • Add details of multiple builders.
  • Know the roles & responsibilities of each builder.

Commissions Module

  • Bifurcate agent & sales employee commissions / incentives respectively.
  • Know the pay dates & commissions / incentives to be payed accordingly.

Commission Due Module

  • Stay updated about the commissions due for agents.
  • Generate invoices for the same.

Contacts Module

  • Store, modify and delete contact details of clients.
  • Save important dates regarding products and services purchased.
  • Set reminders for payments, etc.

Invoice Due Module

  • Create invoices for respective payments.

Calendar Module

  • Serves as a calendar.
  • Let’s you mark important dates relevant to your business, employees, leads and clients.
Features of DquipFeatures of Dquip

BENEFITS of Dquip Real estate CRM software

     1. Add Property details & know Property Stock

  • Know your property stock, leads, business expected & more
  • Send property details via email

     2.Monitor sales person wise targets

  • Monitor your top & worst sales people & real estate brokers
  • Complete sales target management

      3.Track site visits: Past & Scheduled

  • Know which sales person is closing more deals
  • Know how many are expected to close.
Comparative study on Daebuild and Dquip Real Estate CRM software. 2

     4. Forecast sales weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly

  • Real time picture of revenue
  • Quickly see how your team is performing
  • Know who would buy and when

      5.Never miss to follow up leads

  • Know every detail of follow ups
  • Reminders to leads and sales persons via email, phone & sms
  • Help sales people & real estate brokers become productive

      6.Prioritize & Focus on important leads

  • Transform the way you close leads
  • Focus on the right customers & priorities

The comparative study on the Dae Build Real Estate CRM software and Dquip Real Estate CRM software will help builders, by providing  them the ability to manage the pre-sales (contact, lead and broker management) and post-sales (booking, pricing, documentation, milestones, collections, issue management, reports) operations over internet. It helps them increase sales, save operational costs, and increase customer loyalty.