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Does Your Sales Process Help You Win Using CRM?

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Ever met someone who always only talks about themselves? Irrespective of where they are or who they are talking to all they do is brag about themselves and talk about what is happening in their life. Remember the feeling you got then? That’s the same feeling your potential buyers get if all you do is talk about your company and brag about the product.

A crucial part of any kind of proposal is showing the customer or the potential buyer precisely what your company can do for the buyer as opposed just to keep talking about general benefits of the product or service.

When you structure your sales process to give more emphasis on selling using information related to the value your product can add to the customer. Here are a few tips on how to create a sales strategy that will help you convert more sales and ultimately win over your customers. A CRM software can be very helpful when it comes to creating a good sales strategy.

  • Search for opportunities
  • Analyze the customers business operations
  • Identify the specific values that you add to the customers
  • Quantify the value

Understanding the different steps involved in this process is vital to ensuring that you do what’s best for your company.

Search for opportunities

Although this step may look relatively simple, it has a lot of elements that you have to take into consideration and hence is often the most challenging part of the job. You can’t wait for a customer to come to you with their problems you need to be proactive and approach potential customers. A simple way to learn the operating of the customer is by asking multiple questions, expanding the knowledge and operational contacts of your company, identifying the places where you can best add value, observe all on-site operations first hand. You need to always look for the problems and opportunities that will help you provide quantified solutions and benefits.

Analyze the customers business operations

Now that you have gathered all the information you need you are ready to analyze the customers business. Being a sales representative, you have the right to give them consultation on any kind of situation where your products or applications are used. Although this may not be enough and you will have to dig a little deeper and find selling value by asking more questions.

Every single time you meet a potentially significant client ask them questions understand their needs find out information about the staff, the operations, the systems that they use. This is a goldmine of information that can help you spot any gaps or inefficiencies in your services and improve your revenue.

Identify specific values

One of the critical aspects of selling value rather than selling products is continually demonstrating how your product or service can have a positive influence on your customers business. You can start with a few essential benefits that you can incorporate into your process to give it structure and quantify any relevant value it can add to the customer.

Improvement in the productivity of the company by bringing down production costs, costs of the goods sold, or labor costs.
Improvement in levels of profitability.
Increase in the volume of sales and revenue.
Gain an advantage over your competition which includes a shorter time to market.
Enhance the image of your company or organization

Quantify the Value

In this last step, you will have to quantify all of the value that you add so that you have the actual costing that you have to discuss. Select every single benefit that you are able to receive and project that value you will be adding to the customer over a certain period of time. Take into consideration what your customers expect from you and what you will be to give them. Give these values a dollar amount and then add it all up to create a grand total.

Although this formula is relatively simple, it requires a lot of discipline to identify any key indicators that can be involved in the process and quantify each of these values. You will also need to take into consideration an estimate of the value that you will be able to add to the customer. Ensure that the final grand total is a realistic amount so as to maintain the credibility of the company.

Although it cannot be guaranteed that you will be able to win every single time if you use this four-step selling process, you can be sure that you will come out stronger than any competition you may have. This process can also help you focus on your selling efforts and the problems that you will be solving for your customers’ businesses.

The entire point of selling value is to show your customers what you can do for them and how your services will be beneficial to your customers. Once you have established your business as one that puts their customers first, you will be able to improve your reputation among your community. Your aim should be to beat out your competition not by playing dirty but by showing your customers how they will benefit from your services and products. Choose the right sales CRM for your business today and watch your business bloom.

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