In this blog, you will get an insight into the features of Dquip education CRM or the dquip CRM advantages.

Dquip Education CRM

10 Features of Dquip Education CRM

Dquip CRM Overview

Education business is one such stream whose river can never run dry! There are thousands and lakhs of educational institutes for primary, secondary, tertiary & professional courses and the count will continue to go on this year as well.One secret to business success is an understanding of increasing your probability and the ability to communicate your institution’s value to prospective students.

Dquip CRM advantages

1. Track & Achieve your Revenue Target

• Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly monitor how you are performing & how

you can achieve the revenue target with dquip CRM advantages

2. Monitor sales person wise targets

• Monitor your top & worst sales people

• Complete sales target management

3. Forecast your sales

• Accurate forecasts & opportunity management

• Make important business decisions based on real-time reports

4. Create winning quotations

• Get insights on Business Generated & Expected

• Know the reasons for winning & losing deals

• Know which lead sources are generating more business

5. Sales follow up

• Allocate, Track & Alert sales people about leads

• Focus on the right leads

• Follow up leads faster

6. Close more deals faster

• Help sales people become more productive & close sales faster

• Manage what matters in your business

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Features of Dquip Education CRM

Features of Dquip education CRM

The key features of Dquip Education CRM in order to grow and improve the business of the education domain is listed as below

  • Centralise Student Information using Dquip CRM advantages
  • Manage student enquiries and courses enquired
  • Use categories to group leads i.e. students, course wise leads, region-wise leads, sales person-wise leads, source wise leads
  • Manage student enrolment information
  • Maximize student admission efficiently
  • Notes and communication tracking and history
  • Manage the whole marketing & student admission lifecycle
  • Track the admissions and applications processes and communication with students
  • Run email and SMS Marketing and information campaigns to attract students
  • Faculty and staff to manage data
  • Usage of Education CRM compatible with the Desktop, Tablet & Phone
  • Real-time reporting and analytics reports

There are many other features of Dquip education CRM apart from the advantages considered below for student, institute and for vendors etc.

  • Increase in the revenue

With this educational CRM institutes such as schools/ University increase their revenue because the lead is properly converted into an account with the help of dormancy module.

  • Reduction in the cost of expenses

This Educational CRM allows your institute to have a proper allocation of your money in different areas such as advertisement for different course, road show, other external vendors for raw leads etc. as this CRM provides you with the graphical representation of expenses incurred and amount allocated.

  • Proper Lead tracking with no errors

This education CRM allows you proper lead tracking and reduction in the errors or duplication of entries into your institute which ultimately reduce the time of the executive for following up with the same lead sought from a different source and also it provides you further merging if there is any duplicate entry is made.

  • Less sales cycle

This education CRM allows you to have a less length of your sales cycle as due to dormancy module every lead is properly nurtured with the lead history on where the most time is been given for converting the lead into an account.

  • Increase in margins with reduction in Cost of Acquisition per student

As my first point covered that it increase the revenue not only because the lead is properly converted into an account but because of the lead is properly nurtured which reduce the chances of loss of the lead which can increase the margins of the university schools, and other institutes.

  • Increase in customer satisfaction

This education customer relationship management software allows the customer with higher satisfaction as every stage of the lead is been integrated with predefine SMS and email with different course so when a student is making an enquiry after completion personalized emails/ sms is sent to the mobile number and email provided by the caller, which build more confident in the mind of the student

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