In this blog, you will be getting an insight on the Dquip education CRM software which is regarded as the incredible CRM and the modules of Dquip CRM for education firm.

Dquip Education CRM

Incredible CRM for education industry - Dquip Ed CRM


Dquip education CRM software

Dquip CRM is regarded as the incredible CRM for the education industry.It is important for a powerful CRM to provide support in knowing all your enquiries, course bookings, admissions to scale your business faster.

Dquip CRM Modules

Modules of Dquip CRM for education firm are listed below

Lead Module: Helps in Amazingly Easy Lead Management

Some of the key activities of lead module are listed as below

  • Import, follow-up & track sales activities using modules of Dquip CRM for education firm.
  • Import lead data base or excel sheets into 
    the CRM.
  • Automatically add existing students as leads whose course end dates are near.
  • Manually / automatically enter new student enquiries.
  • Qualify, filter & categorize leads as per courses, branches, etc.
  • Assign prospects to respective sales people, manually or automatically.
  • Follow-up leads via calls, emails & sms. 
  • Know how close you are to getting new admissions, view the current status & stages.
Follow up Module: Answer Enquiries & Get More Admissions
  • Optimize sales follow-ups to escalate more deals. Have a uniform follow-up regime
  • Schedule calls, sms, marketing emails for lead follow-ups.
  • Streamline follow-ups & consultations via calls, sms, emails.
  • Get course renewal details to follow-up existing students.
  • Quickly access prospects’ details to to answer queries efficiently.
  • Market effectively, send mass emails & sms.
  • Store & view follow-up & communication history.
Student Module:Know Existing Students & Their Courses
  • Stay well informed about your student base, track & improve re-admissions
  • Store, manage and organize student data centrally.
  • Categorize and tag students as per their stream, course, branch, etc.
  • Have a record of all communication history.
  • Know the start date, end date and course history of student enrolments.
  • Keep students updated, schedule calls, emails and SMS.
Course Module:Get All Details On Courses
  • Get a 360 degree view of all the course admissions in real time
  • Add courses, their code, type & details of courses available.
  • Club courses according to their stream, type, etc.
  • Add terms & conditions for different courses.
  • Add remarks and notes for courses.
  • Attach required documents, receipts, etc. for efficient enrolment processes.
  • Know the courses getting the highest & lowest admissions.
Payment Collection Module: Easier Payment Collection Process
  • Know all the loan disbursements done & your profit from each loan
  • Get alerts for payment collection reminders.
  • Simplify the cheque collection process with reminders and updates.
  • Sort & organize payments using dquip education CRM software.
  • Know how much revenue each course, branch, stream, department is fetching.
Company Module: Add Users, Organize & Manage Contacts
  • Store contacts of all company employees and know their hierarchy
  • Add, manage & know all the users added.
  • Quick and easy access to contact details and designations of sales people and company employees.
User Module :Manage Users And Their Access Rights
  • Know basic details of all your sales employees and their activities.
  • Add & manage employees as per hierarchy, designation and branch details.
  • Handle access permissions for sales employees to selective data.
  • Stay updated about all the sales activities about your sales people.
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