In this blog, you will get an insight into EasyBroker contact management CRM and Easybroker CRM for marketing.

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Easy Broker CRM - Marketing

EasyBroker contact management CRM

Say hello to a new generation of intelligent and easy to use real estate CRM and marketing software that eliminates all hassle and seamlessly works to help your lead generation and sales. Your agents will love it.

A good real estate CRM should not only give you the history of your leads and clients but also a history of your properties. This way, you can see who has visited a property, how many inquiries they’re are for it and what people like or dislike about it. This information can help you negotiate with the owner if you need to lower the price, show what you’ve done to sell a property or evaluate the effectiveness of your sales staff.

Real Estate CRM And Marketing Software Simplified

EasyBroker CRM for marketing solutions

Property Matching Solution

Automatically suggest matching deals and send out property proposals.


Import/Export all your properties in either Excel, XML or from your MLS using RETS.


Multi-lingual and currency available for both the CRM and websites.

Agent Activity Reports

Generate unlimited reporting dashboards on each agent’s activity in the EasyBroker CRM for marketing. Track everything.

Property Management

Easily manage all the properties from your network, teams and agents with advanced form controls.

Transaction Management

Manage all your sale or rental transactions as well as any commissions or co-broking arrangements.

User Management

You can map your agents  with unique permissions as well and create team lists and functional templates.

Email/SMS/Phone Marketing

Created targeted lead lists to then send personalized email or SMS campaigns. You can even place and receive phone calls directly from within the CRM.

Two-Way Full Email Sync

Complete email integration. Any email you send/receive from inside/outside the CRM will automatically get recorded under a contact.

Task Manager

It allows you to create follow ups for any agent in your team. There is more scope for new opportunities again with automated reminders.

Lead Management

Easily capture leads with the CRM messages inbox. Convert leads, create follow ups and manage your pipeline.

Contact Manager

Get a 360-degree view on each of your contacts. Post comments, follow up at certain times and much more.

AD Maker

Create beautiful property adverts ready for print, email and to download as a PDF in minutes.

Dynamic Re Marketing

Create dynamic retargeting campaigns based on your leads behaviour and segmentation.

White Label CRM

Offer your customers a white label CRM under your own domain name and your own brand.

Websites & Property Portals

Manage your websites, landing pages and portals through one easy to use interface or integrate with your existing websites.

Insight into your leads online behaviour

Keep track of your leads activities and interests

Intelligent Email Enquiries

Easily engage with your leads and prospects by communicating exactly the right messages

Contact Management

EasyBroker contact management CRM features are listed below

  • Import from CSV and Excel
  • Export to Excel
  • Categorization by tags
  • Automatic creation via contact forms
  • Automatic creation via email Mailbox
  • Mailbox for automatically attaching sent emails
  • Shared notes and tasks
  • View history of notes, emails, and tasks
  • Assign contacts to users
  • Saved property searches
  • Saved searches with new results reflecting in daily reports
  • Live report showing new leads
  • Categorize leads in low, medium or high priority
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