In this blog, you will be getting an insight on the key education CRM modules and applications of education CRM.

Education CRM

7 key modules for your education business

Key CRM modules for education business

key education CRM modules and applications of education CRM are listed below

Sales Target Module
  • Pick, trace and achieve sales targets for your institute and sales people respectively.
  • Observe your financial progress using education CRM modules.
  • Monitor & manage the sales performance of your education business and sales teams.
Applications of sales target module.
  • You can set sales targets revenue-wise for any desired duration by filling in the current form fields.
  • You can choose targets achieved by sales representative and spool the data as a trend or a particular time period.
  • You can view the targets achieved & pending with the exact number of days left for tenure completion.
  • You can edit & delete a particular sales target in the Revenue-wise Sales Target & Sales Person Wise Sales Target modules.
Lead Module
Applications of Lead Module
  • Add multiple leads in education CRM modules.
  • See the status of each student follow-up and prioritize enquiries to get admissions faster.
  • Bifurcate and assign student enquiries as per your processes.
  • You can add the basic information of the prospect as per the current form fields given.
  • You can add the source of the student enquiry & the course the lead has enquired for.
  • You can assign enquiries & prospective students manually or automatically.
  • You can categorize enquiries and add tags.
  • You can prioritize prospects and also add remarks.
  • You can insert student enquiries directly from your website into the Education CRM and can mapping it sales representatives in a round-robin fashion.
  • You can have customized tags according to students & courses.
  • You can have customized stages and priorities.
  • You can allocate student enquiries to sales representatives’ course wise.
  • You can view enquiries allocated to sales people course wise.
  • You can import leads from your excel sheet.
  • You can get an itemized list of lead data imported via the excel sheet.
Follow-up Module
  • Helps the education domain to do follow-up calls, emails, SMS and consultations with prospective students and their parents for better conversion tracking.
  • Streamline follow-up calls, emails, SMS and consultations with students.
  • Set reminders for follow-ups, calls and consultation sessions using applications of education CRM.
Applications of Follow-up module
  • You can select a date & time to schedule follow-up calls with students and their parents.
  • You can add reasons and assign tags to calls Eg: important, very important, etc.
  • You can get an SMS or email reminder for calls so that you or your sales people do not miss to follow-up with students seeking admissions.
  • You can also assign calls to sales people under you.
  • You can view every sales member’s today’s calls, pending calls, scheduled calls, calls done.
  • You can update what’s discussed on call and delete calls.
  • You can update the call status. E.g: Did not pick-up, busy, not reachable, switched off, not interested, in a meeting, call back after sometime, etc. call back after sometime, etc.
  • You can schedule a call / consultation / email as discussed over the call.
  • You can keep a track of calls made by sales people / CRM users to know what’s exactly going on in sales follow-up.
Student Module
  • Add contact details of students.
  • Assign, categorize, and reach out to enquiring and existing students via calls, emails and SMS.
Applications of Student Module
  • View contact details of all students by using applications of education CRM.
  • It is easier to assign, categorize, call, send & schedule emails and SMS to the current students who have enrolled for their course.
  • You can import your existing student contact data and importing details.
Calendar Module
  • Mark important dates relevant to your institute, employees, prospective and existing students.
  • Serves as a work oriented calendar.
Applications of Calendar Module
  • You can view important tasks and important dates relevant to your business, employees, student enquiries and existing students.
  • You can view all the tasks, calls, SMS, emails and consultations scheduled in your calendar.
  • You can update tasks, calls, SMS, emails and consultations scheduled in your calendar.
Institute Module
  • Add and manage your institute and branch details; save and know basic contact details
  • Add, modify and remove contact information & employee designations department-wise.
Applications of Institute Module
  • You can add your Institute’s basic information with the branch, department and designation details.
  • You can view, alter and delete your Institute’s details with the branch, department and designation details.
Contacts Module
  • Store, modify and delete contact details of clients.
  • Save important dates regarding courses enrolled.
  • Set alerts for payments, etc.
Applications of Contacts Module
  • You can import your existing contacts.
  • You can add contact details of students.
  • You can add birth dates, anniversaries, remarks and other information about respective contacts.
  • You can add & view all the contacts with their necessary details.
  • You can categorize contacts and send sms & emails.
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