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In this blog, you will be getting an insight about the Top three CRM softwares in Education CRM domain. The features, benefits and application of the CRM software will be discussed in detail. Education is the core and essential element of any country that facilitates its economic growth and maintains intellectual development of its people. It is very important for every modern society to provide a stable bond between education and high-tech innovations.

A Corner stone view of Education CRM software.

Education CRM software is fast booming in the world as it creates more visibility and ease of use in the Education domain.

Some of the prominent Education CRM softwares are listed as below.

  • Azorus Education CRM (hyperlink)
  • Cloud nine Education CRM (hyperlink)
  • Dquip Education CRM (hyperlink)
  • Deskera Education CRM (hyperlink)
  • Elinext CRM (hyperlink)

Azorus Education CRM

Azorus is the buzzword for Education CRM solutions and is one of the leading CRM companies in the world focused on the higher education sector collaborated with our university clients.

You can get more insight as how Azorus Education CRM plays an important support function for Education CRM by referring the link as below

Features of Azorus Education CRM.

The Azorus Education CRM provides a  personalized and unique experience with relevant information on specific interests leading high satisfaction in recruiting and admission process.

Some of the key features of Azorus Education CRM as listed as below

For your digital-native enquirers, it means getting personalized, relevant information the way in which they are accustomed to receiving it, anywhere in the world:

  • quickly, to the point, and on any type of device
  • 24/7/365

For the recruitment and marketing professionals in a university or college, it means a rapid, straightforward implementation and the ability to:

  • Ideal for better tracking and follow up strategy to recruit prospective students, observing their behaviour
  • segment them based on your needs and target communications accordingly
  • create reports quickly to see how your marketing and recruitment efforts are working
  • organize events and follow audience interest in real time

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 The benefits of Azorus Education CRM approach:

  • Increased student satisfaction throughout the recruiting cycle and beyond.
  • Enhancing our client’s ability to efficiently compete for the best students.
  • Speed – Based on perception, it is better to reduce the negative impact and operate the business in slow phase with maximum verification at all windows of enrollment especially when the application process is rolled out.
  • Delivering the right messaging to the varied constituents such as prospective students and their influencers in a timely and efficient manner allowing our clients the ability to differentiate them in a hyper competitive global marketplace.
  • It is important to have an ardent focus to implement marketing strategies via segmentation process in order to recruit the right fit student for the educational institution.
  • Satisfied students become satisfied alumni which then become marketing ambassadors for future recruiting activities and fund raising initiatives.

For more details of Azorus CRM software, you can refer the links as below

With the Azorus platform, the student will have:

  • A personalized and unique experience with your university or college.
  • Information relevant to their specific interests, delivered quickly, whether requested online or in person at an event.
  • Higher degree of satisfaction throughout the recruiting and admissions processes.

Cloudnine Education CRM

About the CRM

Cloud nine CRM is built to cater to the needs of students in technical education and other domains for promotion the excellence in education.

The prospective users of Cloudnine Education CRM can be

  • Community Colleges
  • Technical Education Centers
  • Vocational Education Centers
  • STEM Schools
  • K-12 Private Schools
  • Enterprise Learning Departments

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Features of Cloud nine Education CRM

  • Tracking – deep insight into business requests and student data, such as grades, attendance, acceptances, enrollment, rejections
  • Invoicing and Payments – “smart” invoice management that includes variables such as employer paid, financial aid, discounts/special offers, and scholarships to determine what the correct invoice amount should be
  • Communication – the ability to text or call students who aren’t attending classes, campus wide announcements, faculty updates
  • Trend Spotting/Reporting – line of sight to recruiting efforts, campaign results, business requests, future business and job market trends, learning trends, professional development of individuals, job placements, certifications and degrees, compliance with reporting requirements
  • Educational Offering Creation including catalogs, full time courses, custom classes, scheduling
  • Marketing – the ability to launch and track multiple, complex marketing campaigns, to be able to track responses, launch A-B comparison campaigns
  • Student Management for attendance, payments, grades, job placement, certification tracking
  • Faculty Management – for student satisfaction, education, salary, schedule management, etc.
  • Alumni Management – for lists/campaigns
  • Community Management – tools to connect with key personnel in local businesses and organizations
  • Security – able to securely manage who has access to sensitive student information based on role
  • Facility Management – for tracking room availability and assigning classes to rooms

For more details on the features of Cloudnine CRM, you can refer the link as below

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Benefits of Cloud nine CRM software

It has solution to meet the unique needs of the learning industry, and made it quick to deploy, simple to use, easy to manage, and affordable for any size organization.

To understand the benefits of Cloudnine Education CRM, You can refer the case study link as below

Dquip Education CRM

About the CRM

Dquip CRM which is regarded as the incredible CRM for the education industry. It is important for a powerful CRM to provide support in knowing all your enquiries, course bookings, and admissions to scale your business faster. You can get an insight about Dquip Education CRM using the link below

Features of Dquip Education  CRM

The key features of Dquip Education CRM in order to grow and improve the business of the education domain is listed as below

  • Centralize Student Information
  • Manage student enquiries and courses enquired
  • Use categories to group leads i.e. students, course wise leads, region-wise leads, sales person-wise leads, source wise leads
  • Manage student enrolment information
  • Maximize student admission efficiently
  • Notes and communication tracking and history
  • Manage the whole marketing & student admission lifecycle
  • Track the admissions and applications processes and communication with students
  • Run email and SMS Marketing and information campaigns to attract students
  • Faculty and staff to manage data
  • Usage of Education CRM compatible with the Desktop, Tablet & Phone
  • Real-time reporting and analytics reports

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 Benefits of Dquip Education CRM

Dquip Education CRM offers centralized student information and manages the query, admission and enrolment process and also tracks admissions and application process and generates reports at real time using analytics. It also facilitates sms and email marketing campaigns to attract students

The key benefits of Dquip Education CRM are listed as below

Track & Achieve your Revenue Target
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly monitor how you are performing & how you can achieve the revenue target

Monitor sales person wise targets
Monitor your top & worst sales people
Complete sales target management

Forecast your sales
Accurate forecasts & opportunity management
Make important business decisions based on real-time reports

Create winning quotations
Get insights on Business Generated & Expected
Know the reasons for winning & losing deals
Know which lead sources are generating more business

Sales follow up
Allocate, Track & Alert sales people about leads
Focus on the right leads
Follow up leads faster

 Close more deals faster
Help sales people become more productive & close sales faster
Manage what matters in your business

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Future of CRM integration in Education domain

Recruitment and Financial Aid
CRM integration software gives recruitment and financial aid officers complete access to resources across the entire student life cycle.

Enrollment and Advising
Enrollment officers can access student information to determine whether prospective students meet requirements for enrollment or transfer.

Armed with data from across the institution, advancement personnel can cultivate more specific relationships, reaching out to new and existing donors with confidence.

Top Three CRM Software in Education CRM 5
The Education domain is very dynamic and faces changes in competition and relationship management of key student groups, alumini and also prospective clients with an expectation of proper and effective educational CRM management. It is evident that Education CRM system provides relevant, timely information and, importantly, provides high levels of self-service functionality to our web savvy students.