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Elinext CRM Introduction

Educational CRM solutions

To get through the problems of falling revenues and rising costs, more and more educational institutions of all sorts are turning to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system, often called “Constituent Relationship Management” among higher education circles. The Education domain is very dynamic and faces changes in competition and relationship management of key student groups, alumini and also prospective clients with an expectation of proper and effective educational CRM management.

It is believed – and it is completely true – that this software solution can help educational organizations grow revenues, trim expenses, improve dramatically the cost and quality effectiveness of the recruitment process and stabilize existing relations with students as well as determine potential donators.

Elinext CRM functions and features in education

The use of educational CRM solutions helps the institutions attract and withhold correspondingly qualified and prospective students, better relationships with corporate clients, improve the conversion coefficients and cut down the number of lost opportunities or applicants.

The Elinext Group is best in customizing and processing the CRM solutions and the functions & features of Elinext education CRM is listed as below

  • Student information system

It allows having a complete view of each student in terms of documents introduced at the examination time together with other entrance exams results and other documents with personal data concerning each student. Using Elinext education CRM, it is possible to receive a comprehensive list of the students, streamline their records and do effective management of processes. It also decreases the administrative workload in order to get inside educational performance and to help serve the students better.

  • Faculty and staff management program

It is a special tool that helps the university or school staffs achieve higher efficiency, equip then to take informed decisions and support them in easy management of day-to-day activities. This function also allows eliminating paper processes, simplifying the substitute teachers management with visual and easy-to-use schedule and providing administration and faculties with mobile access to any kind of data they need anywhere and anytime. 

  • Alumni and donor management system 

Features of Elinext education CRM helps recognize top alumni donors and automate and better communication processes with key persons among them, investigate fundraising campaigns and determine trends to further improvement of the efforts, and help increase the number of contributions.

  • Staff recruitment and retention system

It is used to attract and keep aspiring and outstanding educators. Elinext educational CRM solutions has capabilities in identifying prospects to recruit highly qualified educators, attendance tracking and analyze the prosperity of informational or marketing campaigns, and give administration the ability to estimate department, faculty or school performance with real-time information control. 

  • Student success and retention system

Educational CRM solutions helps the administration to strengthen the student engagement strategy and identify the important to them and receive answers to their questions rapidly in an easy, accessible environment. The ability to know what makes the students tick and to align the staff to help the alumni can be instrumental and useful in increasing the success rate of admission of student and students rate of retention through an effective collaboration strategy.

  • Campus collaboration system

It is designed for breaking down the educational and organizational silos and replacing them with collaborative effectiveness. With the help of this instrument it is permissible to work smarter, find the right data quickly, manage the projects together, solve the problems, connect with manifold units across the educational institution and work altogether with absolute confidence and maintain their integrity in specific cases. 

  • Student recruitment and marketing program

It is a specific function that allows finding the right students, knowing what is essential to them, involving them into multiple channels of their choice and removing the obstacles due to the key challenges occurring in the higher education domain.

  • Social media management system

It is a program within which all current and potential students are gathered together electronically. It is an excellent way for administration to learn more about students’ feelings and emotions and to establish stronger connection with alumni.

  • Campaign management program

It is a special module that helping the maintenance of various marketing campaigns and has a control on the fixed budget. It also provides the user with mass mailing activity and virtual calendar and event schedule.  

  • Lead tracking and sales generation system

Features of Elinext education CRM supports the user in tracking the leads in terms of different events or activities. It also furnishes the information on the quantity of leads generated and the percentage of people interested in admission to educational institutions. 

Benefits CRM can bring to education

It is observe that the modern CRM solutions for education industry can be more beneficial in helping the education industry to efficiently manage staff, faculty, administrative and student information and later result in significant improvements in employee efficiency, daily working processes and cross-department collaboration. With CRM system you have ability to:

  • Maximize recruitment efficiency
  • Manage the whole constituent life-cycle
  • Streamline operations, cut down costs, intensify revenue generation processes and develop management
  • Tracking of admissions and applications processes and communication with students once they log in
  • Integrate with other campus programs
  • Establish and consolidate the relationships with students and keep them engaged in all processes using features of Elinext education CRM.

Customized CRM for education industry from Elinext Group

Our company always bases its activity on individual approach to every client. Elinext group is working towards the development of customized CRM solution for people working in education industry and it can also assist them in increasing the student enrolment and work towards achieving the satisfaction of the educators’ and have better control the efforts to pilotless financial contribution from donors, student organizations, government, philanthropists and even the public. That is why it is always essential to process your own version of CRM system in order to work more effectively and properly.

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