If you are looking for a comprehensive CRM suite that helps your business grow by significantly improving your customer service and sales productivity. Important features of Base CRM for businesses makes it one of the best CRM software you can opt for.

Today, so many CRM solutions are available in the market along with competitive pricing plans, which is why choosing the right CRM for your business is surely not a child’s play. So what important Features of base CRM makes Base CRM for businesses so special?

Like other CRM’s Base also controls and manages a host of operations and drives sales through the roof. In addition, it also meticulously scrutinizes your business operations for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses and likewise forecasts sales performance accordingly. Base CRM can be integrated with a plethora of tools and third-party apps to make it more adroit in handling customer relationships and boost sales. The Base CRM has a mobile application that ensures you never miss an important deadline or messages no matter where you are. Base CRM mobile application keeps you on top of your business anytime and anywhere on the go. The pricing plans of the Base CRM are competitive and flexible to suit your business palette. If you are a startup you can opt for the basic plan while seasoned and mature companies can go for their fully featured all-in-one suites. If you are a newbie with no hands on knowledge about CRM solutions, there is a 14-day free trial pack to test the waters before taking the plunge.

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Let us take a look at some of the important features of Base CRM for businesses:

1) Discharge superior sales:Base CRM is equipped with a set of core sales tools that are loaded with some amazing features. You can modify stages in sales cycles as per your needs via sales tracking solutions as well as track sales potentials. You can import CSV data files on the Base CRM system to find a true match. Apart from the CRM automatic updates, you can also manually add fields and records as per your wish.

2) Fruitful lead selection:Base CRM simplifies your business operations at various touch points and collates them into one single comprehensive suite. So now you can communicate, manage and sell from one platform without having to switch over to several systems. Base CRM not only enhances your customer support but also takes charge of your sales, marketing, and financial operations with equal finesse.

3) User-friendly and intuitive interface:Base CRM users swear by the easy navigation and user-friendly interface of its dashboard. You don’t have to be a programmer pro to use it. Even the least savvy professional can easily use and implement Base CRM without any hassles simply because of its familiar and intuitive characteristics. This also holds true for data import or export, connecting to third party apps and tools, web or mobile integration etc.

4) Foreseeable profit goals and precise forecasts:Base CRM sets clear and achievable goals for your business and team members so any kind of confusion is absolutely ruled out. It’s adaptability to easily integrate helps data circulate seamlessly but in a secured manner. Depending on the data fed into the system, users are enabled to track and store discussions and voice calls that may trigger possible leads and partners.

5) In-depth reporting:Base CRM facilitates world class real-time reporting automatically without the need of a separate set up or operation. The comprehensive suite of Base CRM offers an array of visually appealing and precise reporting templates that you can choose from and customize as per your fancy. This feature adds a fun and interesting element to the otherwise mundane and serious sales calculations.

6) Easy collaboration with almost everything:Base CRM is a champion amongst CRM solutions when it comes to its integrative quality. It readily collaborates with third-party apps, tools etc. Whether it is social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google or email service provider like MailChimp, Zapier, Xero, Harvest etc. and make them an integral part of your CRM software.

Apart from all the above-mentioned important Features of base CRM, there are few more like flexible pricing plans, stupendous customer support and a team of steadfast professionals at your back which makes Base CRM for businesses important. Choose Base CRM and see how it helps turn tables for your business.

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