In this blog, you will get an insight into Homebuy 360 CRM benefits and Homebuy 360 real estate CRM advantages.

Homebuy 360 CRM for realtors

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HomeBuy 360 CRM Overview

This is specifically designed for the real estate industry for efficient marketing management and operations involving customer service and sales. The flow can be CRM – Leads – Booking – Documents – Collections – Customizations – Handover.

It is India’s first online application that provides a login to the buyers. The buyers can monitor progress, view documents, check collection & dues status, track customizations and even refer the builder to their peers.

  • As easy as managing a bank account over the internet and a cutting-edge technology makes the application simple and intuitive to use.
  • It is very important to know that Pay-Per-Use model; hence a builder need not make any capital expenditure nor pay a license fee to use the product.
  • Developed after an extensive research and after gathering inputs from multiple builders and buyers, the application provides an extraordinary experience in the new home buying process.

Benefits of Homebuy 360

Homebuy 360 CRM benefits are listed below

Homebuy360 for brokers: Covers From the 1st call of a Prospect . . . Till the deal closure . . And Beyond !!

Demand/Lead Management

Manage all your leads/prospect information in a single place using Homebuy 360 CRM benefits. Capture Prefrential data, seggregate the lead by various parameters. Follow up and assign owners. Track Progress.

Supply/Properties  Management

Capture details of entire supply with specifications. Seggregate and Group data by Sell, Rent, Lease. Capture source of properties. Keep a track of your inventory.

Demand/Supply Matching

Bi-Directional Demand to Supply matching algorithm based on specifications and preferences. Capability to change/drop some criterias and find more suitable matches.

Site Visit  Management

Plan site visit for one or more properties for one or more propsects using Homebuy 360 CRM benefits. Track and update visit status, Reminders and extensive reporting on visits.

Commission Management

Capture your commission details, follow up on commission, send reminders to self and the other party using Homebuy 360 CRM benefits. Capture commission from multiple parties for the same deal.

Reporting and Dashboard

50+ inbuilt reports and a dashboard with key performance indicator is inbuilt. Capability to create reports on fly.

Integration Capabilities

Already integrated with cloud Telephony, Live Chat, SMS Short codes along with capability to integrate with your website and other portals. Never miss a lead.

Contact Directory

Manage your contacts, capability to segment your data by demographic and perferential data, send marketign mailers to existing contacts.

Marketing Campaigns

Capability to create and run marketing campagins, send SMS/Emails, create and manage templates. Group contact/lead by campaigns and perform ROI analysis.

Productivity Booster

Automate tasks creation and assginment. Manual tasks creation, Email/SMS reminders. Daily Status emails. 

Secure Product

Strict access control based system. Login Security, Role Based Security, Tag and IP based restrictions.

And much more

Many more exciting features like broker to broker connect, broker to builder connect. CRM to website connect, broker to buyer connect etc in pipeline.

Homebuy 360 CRM Advantages

Homebuy 360 real estate CRM advantages are listed below

Builder’s Advantages
  • Customer Care
  • Prospect/Lead Management
  • Email-SMS connect: Quick Task Resolutions
  • Increase Sales
  • Online Marketing
  • Customer Referrals: Intelligent Analytics
  • Improve Efficency using Homebuy 360 real estate CRM advantages.
  • Increase Cash Flows
  • Reduce Staff Dependencies: Reduce Errors
Buyer’s Advantages
  • Real Time Information
  • Transaction History: Progress Updates: Issue Management
  • Homebuy 360 real estate CRM advantages includes fabulous offers
  • Prelaunch Offers: Earn Referrals: Attractive Deals
  • Document Digitalization
  • Online Availability: Secured Login: Anytime Access
Technology Advantages
  • Application Technology
  • No infrastructure-storage: Email and SMS Connect: Secured Access
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Highly customizable: Access Control : Live Updates
  • Integrated Solution
  • With Tally, Banks and Others

Before and After

Document Management

Preparing, updating, sending and storing documents is a very complex process. Documents are often lost or misplaced.

Documents are created automatically and stored securely. Can be accessed from anywhere globally.

Payment Collection

The collection process involves several people from the builder’s side and is usually a cumbersome process.

Invoices are created after uploading the milestone pictures, Email and SMS alerts keep buyers up-to-date on the progress and they can plan their cash flow in alignment to the payment dates.

Handover Process

The handover process is highly unstructured. Buyers have to chase engineers on the site to complete the pending issues and have to follow-up many times.The tracking of the issue, its progress and closure is visible to the staff and the buyers.

Information Tracking

Tracking of reports on milestones, collection, issues, documentation etc are not tracked consistently.

Reports and progress is available real time, that can help drive better decision making.

Buyer-Builder Trust

The connect and communication between builder and buyers is very un-structured and is problem oriented.

Staff Dependency

The duration between booking and registration is generally 24 to 36 months. Due to builder’s sales members or support staff leaving, the consistency and transparency in the buying process may get impacted.

The person dependence is reduced with Homebuy 360 real estate CRM advantages. Training of new staff becomes easier. Buyer can appreciate builder staff for resolving issues faster and bring the humane elements.

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