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Advantages- Homebuy 360 CRM

Homebuy 360 CRM advantages

For a buyer, it is like having a home account. Buyer gets a transparent way to monitor his house that is being constructed. Buyer also gets an easy and simpler way to track the payments made, milestones achieved and help in documentation process. This happens on internet and can be accessed from anywhere. We highly encourage buyers to ask their builders to use homebuy360 as a commitment to customer service.

For builders, as mentioned earlier, it provides them the ability to manage the pre-sales (contact, lead and broker management) and post-sales (booking, pricing, documentation, milestones, collections, issue management, reports) operations over internet. It helps them increase sales, save operational costs, and increase customer loyalty.

Another Homebuy 360 CRM advantages is that it is very simple and easy to use with very little staff training required. This also helps builders manage their staff turnover issue.

Top Three Benefits of CRM Software for REALTORS®

HomeBuy 360 CRM software benefits are listed below

The customer relationship management (CRM) software market is booming. Total sales in 2014 were in the neighborhood of $25 billion. Given the strength of CRM in the business world at large, it’s a good time to ask: What benefits does CRM software bring to the real estate industry?

Here we answer these questions with a look at the top three HomeBuy 360 CRM software benefits.

Better Organization, Greater Efficiency through Unified Profiles

At its most basic level, real estate CRM software helps collect and manage client information. The CRM software integrates various workflow processes (such as responding to initial contacts, sending follow-up messages and updating MLS listings), which the software then helps track, schedule and automate. For example, InfusionSoft, a CRM platform designed for small businesses, offers lead-generation functionality that integrates with an agency’s website. When a visitor fills out a “Contact Us” form, a record is created for them in the system.

The properties a visitor views online are then tracked and collated with their record. So instead of just forwarding that potential client’s contact information to the agency, the software provides a detailed profile of which properties, or types of properties, the client is most interested in.

In this example, HomeBuy 360 CRM software benefits not only improves the organization of information by creating a unified client profile, it also improves the efficiency of communications with that client. The first conversation with the client doesn’t need to be, “What are you looking for?” Instead, it can begin with, “I see you’re interested in this property. Would you like to view it today? We could also look at three other very similar properties in the same neighborhood.”

Marketing Automation Helps Strengthen Client Connection

Successful REALTORS® grow their businesses largely through referrals and repeat customers. It is very  critical to maintain regular contact with former and prospective clients using the Homebuy 360 CRM advantages. This contact can be as simple as a note on the anniversary of a client’s closing, a periodic list of new properties the client might like or even a regular newsletter.

Whatever form communication takes, CRM software can make it happen either automatically or with little manual effort. Products such as SimplyCast help connect with clients both before and after sales, with functionality such as automated open house reminders, follow-ups to listing inquiries and SMS (text message) property updates. If you already have a contact management system in place, there are stand-alone marketing automation products, such as Salesfusion, that can integrate with many existing platforms.

Instant Insight And Improved Oversight With Reporting And Analytics

Ever wonder how you, your agency or specific agents are performing this year compared to last? Which of your outreach emails has the highest response rate? How many days you average between contract and closing? Without software, these questions could only be answered with tedious calculations. Take, for example, Referral Maker, CRM software designed for the real estate industry.

The “Business Dashboard” displays a variety of real-time metrics like  sales-to-close ratios, average commissions, outreaches per day and others. Individual agents can use this data for better insight into their long-term progress. While some look to CRM software simply to organize their contacts, it actually brings much more to the table. Smart REALTORS® know that CRM is more than a software tool.

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