How to become a top CRM contributor offers this exclusive and fair opportunity to all the aspiring bloggers who want to set their footprint in the blogging industry. You can create an unique blogger profile yourself and can have an URL for all your contributions and by doing this you will be a part of expertise platform in technical writing and can get more insights on latest trends in CRM technology. It also allows the website visitors can easily browse all of your content activity in one place. What more, any content you publish that will be under your name.

CRM read publishes on various aspects of CRM domain and the objective is to enlighten the audience on the skill sets, strategies and tactics to understand CRM better.

In order to become a top contributor of CRM in our website, you need to have the following qualities

  • Passion towards blogging and sharing useful information on CRM
  • Interested to network with bloggers across the globe and promote CRM knowledge.

You can join the forum for the CRM Software community, and contribute to the topics pertaining to the lists below focusing on industry trends, technological advancements, strategies in the arena of CRM software

  • CRM industry updates,
  • Informative articles,
  • Success stories of CRM implementation,
  • Tips for choosing effective CRM,
  • Case studies and Process
  • Reference manuals, help guides
  • Review eBook , CRM software, Success stories or case studies

How to join as a blogger in CRMRead ?

It is quite a simple procedure to join CRM read. Please click on the link and click on the “Join as a CRM Blogger “ tab and
register your credentials and your portfolio will be validated and uploaded in the website.

You can also email us your details as below to [email protected]

  1. Email ID
  2. Photograph
  3. Author Bio
  4. Social Media URLs (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, etc.)
  5. Now that you are all set to write for CRMRead, Let me discuss as how you can become a Top Contributor in CRM Read

    In order to become a top contributor in CRM Read, you can follow our proven guidelines on Do’s and Don’ts while blogging for us


    Write unique amazing content which is helpful and actionable in end user perspective. The reputation of self and the company is dependent on original content delivered in a graceful way.
    Ensure that you post frequently and be consistent in your work. You can build up an effective audience network only when you are consistent.
    Sequence your content in effective manner and style it with appropriate Header tags, bullet points, colour scheme and images for better readability.
    Network with other bloggers by following them and appreciating their work. It also mutually happens to you as well.
    Start your blogs as a personal one to one conversation for better engagement with the audience and it definitely helps to create a sticky content for better results.
    Focus on Quality and not quantity and read your content as an external person before publishing. This review will allow you to change the blog in a reader’s perspective.
    Ensure that you write relevant content pertaining to topic without any external promotion or duplication of other blog.


    Don’t plagiarize the content. We have effective resources to identify any form of plagiarized content and CRMRead always acknowledges original content.
    It is better not to use the same copyrighted images from Google.
    Don’t create or write any promotional content in the form of blog
    Don’t use any offensive graphic or content in your blog
    Stay away from Controversial topics like degrading a CRM software or CRM company or posting unnecessary and negative reviews about companies based on personal experience.

    Benefits for Contributors in CRM Read website

    Though writing for is a non paid activity, you still have many benefits which can value add and enrich your blogger profile. Your blogs will get an unique URL to showcase your writing skills. You will also get a chance to get incentives for the blog views and shares and it also opens up opportunities for you to write for other companies as well.  You will get a bonus of of $10 to $50 for their successful profile creation and submitting 3 posts and sharing on their social networks. You also have bright chance to be featured as a Top CRMRead Contributor with all the accolades updated in your blogger profile.

    The basic objective of CRM Read is to develop the CRM skill sets and nurture them across all domains  and the contribution of the bloggers is the great value addition and leads to knowledge spread and  satisfaction.

    Build your dream website today.

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