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How to find the best data analytics companies to Work for?

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Are you in search of  best data analytics companies in the world?

If data science is your dream job and you are blindly in love with numbers, then surely you will undergo a lot of courses, certifications, and classes to make sure you are the best-in-class data science professional. Now, surely, you would want to work for the best data analytics companies in the world. This is a big, big world and there are certainly a lot of such companies in the data science industry. We have prepared a list for you for you to make choices, according to your preferences.

  • InsightSquared: According to G2 Crowd, a review website, InsightSquared is one of the best sales analytics companies and has top business usability and satisfaction factor. Even Glassdoor has got rave reviews for the company which is cited for recommendations from friends and acquaintances. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, it started its operation in 2011 and has almost 20,000 active users of its services.      
  • Paxata: It has got great team members who have different roles and responsibilities like business analysts, IT team, developers, data curators, and data scientists. If you wish to feature your name with the other members here, have a great portfolio to start with. If you are planning to work here, have a good amount of experience and great certifications proving your repertoire of skills. The wide spectrum of customers ranges from online retailers to government agencies to financial institutions.    
  • Trifacta: Trifacta is another of the amazing data analytics companies to work for. It was the child of the Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley and has over 25 years of experience. It has time and again being recognized by active players in the field. It has been named most efficient company for data wrangling, a leader in self-service data preparation, top vendor, one of the best companies to work for, and many other similar laurels.
  • Birst: One of the leading companies ranking high in the echelons of the data science industry, Birst was founded by Paul Staelin and Brad Peters. The recognition has been pouring in for them for quite some time from business intelligent platforms who keep a tab on the pulse of the market. Reviews from Forbes to Glassdoor to CRN to San Francisco Business Times to Howard Dresner to Gartner- Birst reputation is going places.
    • Sumo Logic: They take pride in analyzing 100 petabytes data and 16 million searches and delivering millions of insights every day. Such great numbers and such a great company. Established in 2010 by people who are experts in scalable systems, security, big data, and log management. With 1500+ customers around the world, they ring to you real-time security and operational insights and intelligence.      
    • Gainsight: With investors like Bain Capital Ventures, Salesforce, and CISCO, Gainsight is another name in the list of companies ranking high in the data science industry. They count VMware, Adobe, box, concur, Splunk, and microfocus as their proud customers. Glassdoor calls it one of the most recommended companies between friends, family, and acquaintances. You can easily think of it as your next career move.
  • Visier: From LinkedIn to BASF to BOSCH, there are multitudes of other such reputed clients list of Visier. It offers cloud solutions for workforce planning, people analytics, answers questions on business topics, and other aspects of HR. Have the best of data analytics certifications to prove that you are meant to be here. Often vendor-neutral big data and data science certifications will be your best bet because you can work on any platform and vendor. There are many available on the market. Make sure, you get the best one.          
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