In this article, you will be getting an insight into the SuiteCRM Legal CRM which is considered as an ideal CRM tool for legal professionals.The benefits of SuiteCRM Legal CRM is discussed for better clarity in choosing the right CRM.

Do Legal Professionals need a CRM?

CRM system is a single Customer Relationship Management database that allows business users to track and manage all the customer interactions easily. The various customer interactions such as email conversations, phone calls, and social media or from other channels can be recorded in CRM system software. CRM also includes workflow processes such as tasks, calendars, and other alerts that can give staff the ability to track performance and productivity based on the information collected. If we have to put in a single line about CRM, it’s all about clients.

SuiteCRM Legal CRM

In today’s intense competition, customers won’t line up to visit family lawyers or the lawyers they know from their very own fraternity. Customers are very smart and well informed to choose the right lawyer for solving their cases. Also, it is very difficult for legal practitioners to look for the clients when they’re too busy in their present job. Here is a solution for all the legal professionals, law firms, and attorneys. A CRM for all legal professionals is what you need, it is SuiteCRM Legal CRM. The benefits of SuiteCRM Legal CRM will help us to choose the correct CRM tool for our business.

Here are some of the features of using CRM tool for Legal professionals

  • Legal Marketing Automation
  • Legal Document Management
  • Communication and Legal Consulting
  • Billing of Law firm
  • Law firm invoicing
  • Accounting and another billable time log.

Some of the benefits of SuiteCRM Legal CRM are as follows:

  • It’s Free – Legal Suite CRM  is a Free and Open source system. One solution for all legal professionals, attorneys and law firms. Get a FREE SuiteCRM Demo here to know its features, functionalities and so on.
  • Automated workflows – Once you have defined a workflow the system will track their entire life cycle with CRM. This saves yours and employee’s time and helps in focusing other tasks. The better outcome will result in an increase in productivity, thus serving the purpose of benefiting with the higher billing of clients.
  • No accountants needed – All your finances work smoothly. Generally, every legal practitioner or law firms need accountants to take care of all the customer billing, invoicing and accounting. With Legal CRM SuiteCRM, you will automate the process for all your accounting efforts.
  • Get rid of lifting heavy folders – Maintain all your legal documents, important papers of each client in the readily accessible database. Also, manage and view each client data respectively.
  • Automated enhancement processes – Allows clients to reduce inefficiency and inaccuracy in client data such as customer information, contacts list, and auto-correction of information, employee’s data and follow-up reminders. This enables business user to sit back and relax while the system corrects itself and suggest the changes wherever it’s required.
  • Easy training – SuiteCRM Legal CRM provides both Self-mode and instructor-led training online for the business user and their employees to reduce the travel time and choosing training of their choice to learn and work quickly.

A Final Say…

The benefits of SuiteCRM Legal CRM   helps you to increase and strengthen relationships both with the clients and internal employees. Law firms increase productivity, ROI, maximize growth in delivering the services whilst getting the repeat business from existing and new clients. Therefore, A SuiteCRM Legal CRM is a mandatory tool for lawyers, attorneys, & legal firms to develop their business and maximize profits. The SuiteCRM Legal CRM is the best CRM tool for Legal professionals.

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