In this blog, you will get an insight into lexicata CRM features and benefits of using lexicata CRM.

Lexicata CRM Software

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Lexicata CRM Software Overview

Benefits of using Lexicata CRM are listed below

1) Organize Your Contacts and Intakes with Minimal Effort

Never worry about important contacts slipping through the cracks again. Lexicata gives your law firm a suite of tools to help you stay organized and keep in touch with everyone in your network.

  • Advanced Contact Management
  • Tasks & Automatic Reminders
  • Email & Calendar Sync
  • And More!

2) Streamline Your Intake Process and Automate Follow Ups for Max Efficiency

Benefits of using Lexicata CRM gives you an end-to-end, online intake process that is easy for you and your clients, plus automated communication tools to make communication a breeze.

  • Automated Drip Emails
  • Custom Online Intake Forms
  • E-Signature Contracts
  • Intake Checklists
  • Scheduling Assistant with Automatic Reminders
  • And More!

3) Take Your Revenue to the Next Level

Benefits of using Lexicata CRM provide us with key insights about data which can help in understanding the marketing channels and referral sources for revenue generation. Plus, with our seamless intake process and automated follow ups, your conversion rate will be higher than ever before.

  • Lead, Referral, and Matter Tracking
  • Automated Email Campaigns
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • And More!

4) Top Rated Customer Support

Our account specialists have worked with thousands of firms just like yours. With their help, getting started on a new software has never been easier.

5) Seamless Integrations

From case management to email marketing to your website to virtual receptionists and more… Lexicata integrates nicely with your current processes to deliver powerful results.

Ex: Clio, GSuite, WordPress, Mailchimp, Apex chat, Ruby receptionists, smith, answer1 and many others

4 Features of Lexicata CRM

Lexicata CRM features are listed below

1) Law Firm Intake Forms

So, how can your firm use Lexicata? The best feature, hands down, is the online intake form. 

First, you create the form. If you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, Lexicata has some form templates you can use and edit. If not, you can always start from scratch. The layout is easy enough to use and figure out that creating the form is not a nightmare of a process.

In the forms you can add multiple field types for your questions, including text boxes, drop downs, etc. It is very easy to attach documents and an absolute necessity. Once your form is created, you can easily send it out to a client. One additional nifty feature – you can automatically set email reminders to send to your client to remind them to fill out the form if they haven’t done so.

2) Getting Signatures

The form submission process will determine that you can represent the prospective client, and verifies all your contact information for the engagement letter. Now you can create the letter, and, using Lexicata CRM features, get the prospective client to sign the document.

Lexicata CRM features supports you with engagement letter templates to minimize your time and effort and there is no editing required from your side.

3) CRM

But let’s not ignore the Lexicata CRM. If you’re looking to keep tabs on your clients and prospective clients, Lexicata provides a solid option. Lexicata allows you to assign tasks to clients with due dates. You an also use the CRM to manage your contacts information. If you’re used to using spreadsheets, this is definitely a step up.

4) A few drawbacks

I have a strong feeling that I’ll be crossing these off my list as Lexicata develops further.

I can’t save tasks and use them over again on new clients. If I have common tasks that are repeated for most clients, I don’t want to have to add the tasks one by one.

Moving forward, I would also like to see the CRM integrate with third-party calendars like Google Calendars or Outlook. Though the CRM can be considered as one-stop-shop potential, if there is a calendar integration feature , then it would help integrating the law firms’ on a daily basis.

The intake form features of Lexicata are extremely helpful for law firms looking to gather information from clients without having to interview clients over the phone or in person. The CRM is a blessing for attorneys as it does not require any CRM or practice management software to continue their legal practice.

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