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Maximizing business data for publishing – Publishing CRM

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In this blog, you will get an insight into maximizer CRM benefits and CRM tools for customer services.

Maximizer CRM

Maximizing business data for publishing - Publishing CRM

Maximizer CRM Overview

The publishing coordinates with the account executives, sales teams and holds an healthy discussion with the marketing departments to identify the loyal customers of the brand and devise strategies to retain them in a better way.Using a single centralized database, each and every department will be able to access the client, prospect customers, advertiser, and agency data in real time mode. This can help in collaboration and personalization of government services.

The Maximizer CRM aims at increasing the productivity using process automation and also utilizes its comprehensive reporting to facilitate data segmentation in any format blended with managing opportunities and data forecasting.

Benefits of using Maximizer CRM

Key maximizer CRM benefits is listed as below

  • Automation Process made easy

The automation of subscription renewal reminders has become simple and easy and it has prevented the sales loss. Plus, all customer subscription information is held in Maximizer so you can quickly and easily create a unique invoice for each client.

  • Accuracy in Reporting

Maximizer CRM benefits facilitates accuracy in reporting for tasks like print runs and delivery schedules, reducing human error and unnecessary costs and it also ensures the customer get that they what they have ordered and meets their expectation. There are also options like live reports showing distribution costs and subscription information a click away in the CRM tool.

  • Microsoft Integration

Maximizer has facilitate Integration of data with Microsoft Office® and Outlook® enables you to import and export spreadsheets into Maximizer from existing databases, add SharePoint links, track and log conversations, save Word documents and add contacts from Outlook. Integration of CRM tool with software has increased the feasibility of conversion of a prospect enquiry to a conversion as customer.

  • Marketing Strategies

Maximizer CRM benefits includes a campaign manager which allows you to send targeted and personalized emails for subscription offers. It has a unique functionality to determine your ROI easily for each marketing campaign and view response rates quickly. This CRM tool can identify successful tactics which can be included in Marketing strategies. There are important options for viewing the analytics such as email open and click-through rates, the status of leads and sales opportunities associated with a particular campaign, KPIs and more.

CRM tools which help in full customer service

CRM tools for customer services are listed below

  • Contact management

You can easily get a complete view of your customer including Contacts, communications, documents and activity history etc. It helps in improving the response to the customer and devise strategies accordingly.

  • Sales automation

Sales automation CRM tools for customer services will be able to help in closing more deals and visualize performance using powerful sales tools that adapt to your processes. 

  • Customer service

Maximizer CRM will help in exceeding the expectations of the customer using the CRM tools which are smarter, faster service tools with the functional elements of Customer service

  • Marketing

Maximizer is famous for boosting customer engagement with every tool for outstanding data-driven Marketing campaigns.

  • Reports & dashboards

Automated reports can be used for spotting the quick trends with versatile dashboards— and drill into your data.

  • Cloud & on-premise CRM

Cloud & on-premise CRM tools for customer services can create experience offering more choices and exercise control with two flexible deployment options to enhance the business.

  • Setup & on boarding

Maximizer has easy Setup & on boarding process for installation so that you can do it yourself and work right away to maximize your ROI — or you can call the customer care and seek support let us do all the work and help you out.

  • Customization

Customization process is Maximizer provides a tailor made solution for your processes and make it as simple or complex as needed – without coding.

  • Integrations

Connect Maximizer with MailChimp, Gmail, Outlook, Excel and more using our pre-built Integrations

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