The Mobile CRM industry has exploded in the last 18 months. At a time when everything is available at the tap of your finger, who wants to wait till you reach office to access all the data that you need? The world of mobile has changed the very way we live and work. At the same time, global interconnectedness has increased communication and also increased competition for business enterprises, as today the whole world is a level-playing stage. Additionally, it helps to combine the capabilities of the mobile device into your CRM solution, such as geo-location mapping, taking live videos and capturing images via on-the-spot camera, voice recordings and the like, all uploaded in real-time into the system.

Employees look for flexibility and ease, such that they can work on-the-go. For example, the sales personnel can reach out to the customer data available in the company’s systems, even when they are interacting with real customers on the actual field.

This is the power that Mobile CRM provides. Simply speaking, it is a medium wherein employees of a company can access the customer related data of the company in real-time from their mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Target beneficiaries
The most obvious benefit is for the sales team who is out there in close contact with the customers and potential leads. Scratch under the surface and it will reveal the CRM solution for data analytic teams, IT, managers, business heads, company goal-makers, executives, service agents, PR personnel, CEO’s – just about any stakeholder in the company who needs information about the customers.

The unparalleled advantages – and more
Real-time updates, quick access to data, projections and reports, live query feeds straight from the backend systems are all integral to a robust mobile CRM solution.

The edge of Mobile CRM
A mobile CRM solution can help create more leads based on geolocation, using the local map. It can help a field agent connect quickly to the back-end support, providing real-time feeds when a customer interaction or deal goes haywire. For a manager, mobile CRM can help provide sales dashboards and mobile reporting to promote on-the-move tracking.

Hence, mobile CRM directly affects the productivity of the customer facing teams, helps give answers in real-time about customers and interesting statistics thereof, and reveals deeper insights which can help make better sales forecasting, and better analysis at any point in the sales funnel.

Any marketing strategy for targeted audience can be effectively handled via a mobile CRM for services such as sending out emails in real-time to a selected customer base. Facilities such the above, help the company to sell more, service its customers better and help streamline all internal processes that deal with the customer data, keeping them synchronized in real-time no matter where the stakeholders are located at any given instant.

It even lets a company tap into the powerful social CRM, seamlessly integrating it with mobile CRM for an enhanced user experience. Social media stalwart networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are being used to augment customer info, such as updating the profiles and preferences of each customer, helping to build a more intelligent and personalized customer experience. Mobile CRM also helps companies to use social media to reach out to customers, such that the social marketing and customer services seem to be amalgamating into one single entity in the future.

Emerging tools and trends
In today’s times, mobile CRM is not a fancy annexation to an enterprise’s strategy; rather it is an important business goal that needs to be built into the very ethos of the company’s leading targets. In fact, rather than transitioning from traditional legacy CRM onto lightweight mobile counterparts, business houses nowadays are building their entire customer based ecosystem around the mobile CRM. To this effect, mobile CRM acts as a fundamental platform on which various solutions and apps can be built.

Mobile apps of the present times leverage much of the advantages of the cloud, wherein the lightweight apps can dig into the heavy storage residing on a remote cloud – live and from anywhere in the world. This can even facilitate instant sharing of important information across teams that are distributed across geographies, as each can access the central copy at the cloud server.

Out-of-the-box and smarter tools and solutions are emerging in the mobile market today. Where innovation is leading the trends, companies that are investing well into augmenting their sales and service teams with simple-to-use and ready-to-refer-to customer data via the adoption of mobile CRM, are finding themselves at an edge. In fact, a number of SaaS solutions for CRM are now available, providing the robustness of an outsourced system, best managed by experts, leaving the company to focus on the usage of the data rather than its cumbersome upkeep. These solutions focus on a central repository with integrated data and systems as regards to customers, accounts as well as new opportunities.

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