This blog will help you in understanding CRM comparisons -Odoo CRM Vs Zurmo CRM.

Odoo CRM is a Web-based Open Source customer relationship management (CRM) system designed for businesses of any size. Its package of applications Sales force automation, campaign management, lead management and reporting features. Odoo CRM vs Zurmo CRM comparison will give you an overview and insights through which one can make the easiest decision choosing the CRM software between these two.

Sales departments can utilize the lead management functionality for delegating leads to define criteria. Using these standards, sales departments can choose accessible and most suitable sales agent for leads to improve the quality of sales. Marketing campaign management which helps users design marketing campaigns for lead generation and brand promotional actions is additionally featured by Odoo CRM.

The system features a dashboard panel and reports to track tasks and contacts so organizations could make educated choices regarding sales lead generation and marketing processes.

The CRM software offers social network integration which will help users create leads from social network sites, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Customers could likewise make use of this feature to get customer insights from social media sites.

Odoo CRM Review from one of its customer! | Odoo CRM vs Zurmo CRM comparison

How is Oddo CRM?Odoo CRM is good!
Ease of UseGood
Product QualityGood
Customer SupportPoor
What do you like best in Oddo CRM?Good product. User-friendly and good features.
What do you like least in Oddo CRM?Odoo is a vertical based system. Flexibility and Inbuilt functionalities need to be developed.
Recommendations?Make sure that the CRM could be easily integrated with other business apps.


Zurmo CRM | Odoo CRM vs Zurmo CRM comparison

Zurmo CRM is designed by Zurmo Inc.

Zurmo is a dynamic platform that is rich with top-level features and spectacular capabilities. This software provides a clear view of all accounts and account connections, sales team automation, and effective monitoring of the complete sales pipeline. Companies can use Zurmo to precisely establish the possibility of closure, quickly access essential info the global search function, and a report on almost any set of records. This tool additionally comes along with inbuilt gamification that’s been shown to significantly increase the user adoption.

Short Summary: It’s a new open source CRM solution that is made for Small and Medium-sized businesses and is available only in on-premise platform.

Description: Zurmo is an open source CRM application that’s mobile, social, and gamified. We utilize a test-driven strategy for building every aspect of the application. This means you can create and maintain a custom-built Customer relationship management system or platform with the reassurance that future updates aren’t going to break your installation.

Market Automation Features

The Market Automation Features assist in creating and marketing new leads for your company.

  • Campaign Dashboard
  • Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Advertising
  • Social Media

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Sales Automation Features

Help sales reps close deals and collaborate more closely, so raising their control on the processes and removing the administrative hurdles.

  • Contact History
  • Contact Management
  • Contact Scheduler
  • Customer Database
  • Lead Management

Collaboration Features

Features help allow them to easily collaborate on projects and bring your team together.

  • Chat
  • Employee Directory
  • Remote Access
  • Remote Tracking
  • Workflow Rules & Management

Customer Service

The relationships are managed by service features with your present customers.

  • Customer Self Service Portal
  • Customer Service Integration
  • Customer Support Tracking
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