In this article, you will be getting an insight benefits of Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle CRM features and its applications.

What is Oracle CRM?

Oracle CRM is one of the leading players of today’s CRM market which can boast with a robust and intuitive interface, and a variety of product lines and deployment models. As diverse as it is, Oracle CRM makes customer relationship management easy for businesses of all scales and industries, allowing them to optimize their sales processes, and boost sales productivity.

Benefits of Oracle Siebel CRM

The Oracle CRM features can be explained by using the CRM tool.The tool is enabled to regulate and manage customer relationship all the way from lead qualification and categorization to opportunity tracking/management, including in the meantime forecasting optimization, analytics & reporting, and a set of powerful historical analysis for smarter business decisions. The exclusive features of Oracle CRM is that the Information is properly organized, and easily accessible by everyone in the team, from any device. On top of that, Oracle CRM features are empowered with strong, integrated marketing campaign management features, lead nurturing, and ROI measurement tools.
This sold tool can help you stand out from today’s competitive CRM market, and build outstanding and memorable relationships with your customers. Thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly technology used to develop the exclusive features of  Oracle CRM, you will be able to address even most complex CRM issues in a fast and effective way, and to boost productivity more than you would with any other CRM program.

Overview of Oracle CRM features

The best benefits of Oracle Siebel CRM is probably that it doesn’t require you to undergo complex installation procedure, or to purchase additional software in order to use it. The most useful benefit of Oracle CRM is that the product recognizes your development environment, and uses its comprehensive set of APIs to access your business logic and service-related data, and to synchronize everything for you to access it and modify it easily.
At the same time, the most promising benefit of Oracle CRM is that the tool has  created endless integration opportunities, and covers in such way all information gaps and inconsistencies caused by human errors. The program itself is fast in creating even the most demanding real-time integrations in your multi-software system to connect with your other applications, and to obtain a secure, holistic preview on contextual data. As a result, you will be able to navigate all of your systems without using or developing additional IT resources.
The single-occasion sign in is another advantage that has to be considered when discussing Oracle CRM. The system supports automated authentication within your networks and portals, and doesn’t require log in credentials every time you’re about to use it. This doesn’t compromise the security of your data because this company treats safety as its imperative feature and priority: everything that happens within Oracle CRM is configured and authenticated, together with safeguards such as user validation, Cross-Site requests, VPN, and advanced forgery protection. The benefits of Oracle CRM explains the importance of adopting this as a CRM solution.
Finally, Oracle CRM is a single vendor solution. Thanks to its powerful integrations, you won’t need any other CRM to respond to mission-critical business processes. The tool will support all of your vital business flows, such as lead-to-order and opportunity-to-quote, and will in this way increase your effectiveness and productivity.

Overview of features of Oracle CRM

Social CRM
Customer data integration
Quote and Order Capture
Partner Relationship Management
Business Intelligence (BI) applications
Price Management
CRM Gadgets
Self-service and e-billing
Integration to Siebel CRM

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