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Peppermint legal CRM

Legal Practice Management - Peppermint Technology Legal CRM

Peppermint legal CRM Overview

Peppermint technology CRM

Peppermint practice management CRM includes Comprehensive transaction and legal accounts software to facilitate efficient financial account management within law firms.

Peppermint practice management CRM software offers SRA-compliant, structured financial accounting system for legal experts with a high end billing and time recording features. The reporting tools and dashboards for business intelligence provides an insight at the granular level in order to develop a highly result oriented tool for account management and control of finances.

The data points in financial statement, activities, tasks and processes are seamlessly connected to the records mapped with the client and other applications and content in the CX Legal Service Platform. This approach helps us to understand value addition to each client and their requirements on automated legal services as desired.

Some of the features of peppermint practice management CRM includes

Legal software for Billing & Time Recording

The CX Legal Service Platform helps in tracking the accurate time and metrics related to cost and billing by providing various time recording methods to comply with individual needs across different parts of the legal business interactions. The tasks are initially done manually like updating the electronic time slips on-screen stop clocks usage and later the time entries for doing the billing are automatically generated time using the business process management engine and Platform’s workflow.

After data recording, it is necessary to reiterate the law firm, fee earners and bookkeepers to record phase wise transaction and tasks to comply with UTBMS, client specific and Jackson requirements.

Peppermint CX billing and time recording legal software is not limited to just recording time against matter records. We can map time across any record which is part of Peppermint CX billing and it also reveals the true cost of elements that support the law firm’s activities.

Reporting & Dashboards for easy Financial Account Management

Dashboards help in reporting of data within the Peppermint CX at real time scenario with strict compliance on the time and cost data and it is regarded as personalised format for the department requirements or the individual (fee earner/accountant). This capability of powerful has helped in the transformation of law firm into a client focussed and legal business driven by data.

PeppCase- A standalone legal case management software

PeppCase is available as a cloud service which has the same functionality as Peppermint CX’s Case Management features, and it is helpful in integrating with a law firm’s existing back office practice management and document management systems. This approach cancels the need to swap the applications and helps in choosing the correct application. Peppermint technology CRM is a phased process, functioning over a longer period of time. Other cloud service offerings include PeppCRM (Customer Relationship Management) and PeppPMS (Practice Management System).

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