In this blog, you will be getting an insight on the Retail CRM solutions and features of BPM online CRM for business management.

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Approach towards Retail CRM

Retail CRM solutions
  • Involving customers as a part of Retail CRM strategy with a well planed service plan catering to the needs of all customer types.
  • Effective customer relationship management means organizing your entire business to focus on the needs of customers.
  • Make sure customer-facing employees have all the information they need to serve customers. Give them powers to make certain decisions independently.

BPM online CRM for business management offers retail CRM solutions with extended capabilities like automation of CRM programs of any complexity and conduct successful marketing campaigns to build long-term relations with its customers. Bpm’online’s applications supports in gaining a single view of your customers across channels and purchase history and helps in processing rules, creating marketing campaigns, and interpret the outcome of the efficiency of the marketing activities.

Retail CRM Features

Features of BPM online CRM for business management are listed below

Marketing automation
  • Analysis and Tracking of customer interests and buying behavior: page visits on the website, social media footprints, response generated in email campaigns, purchases in online medium and retail stores and finally the reviews and ratings.
  • Customer segmentation based on social demographics, geography, buyer behavior, online behavior and interests to better identify and engage with each of customer segments.
  • Campaigns designed based on Automated multichannel marketing for each and every segment to track the results of the campaigns and ROI.
  • Purchase driven promotional activities and their success (promo budgets, time bounds, target audiences.
Marketing resource management

It is coordinated loyalty and reward programs and Bpm’online offers a set of tools for retail to run efficient loyalty programs:

  • Managing various types of loyalty / reward campaigns: spend programs, point programs, discount programs, coupons, tiered, gift programs, etc.
  • Managing all the aspects important for successful loyalty program operation: processing rules, cards, bonuses, fraud control.
  • Managing reward mechanics: creating processing rules (accruals and withdrawals) for different types of reward campaigns, capabilities to apply reward rules to specific products and customer segments.
Efficient customer data management

Obtain comprehensive consumer information to get a deeper understanding of customers and best tune engagement strategies to their needs.

  • Capturing robust customer data, such as purchase histories, profiles, wish lists, loyalty program information.
  • Tracking and analyzing customer interests and buying behavior.
  • Efficient customer segmentation.
Excellent service

Propel the level of service offered to the buyers with smart automation tools.

  • Contact center automation.
  • Tracking all customer requests from different sources.
  • Automating end-to-end business processes to deliver a seamless customer experience.
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