Role of CRM software in Educational Domain

In this blog, you will be getting an insight on the role of CRM software in Educational domain. An educational CRM system helps institutions to have an all-inclusive perspective on students´ needs, collecting customer knowledge from the student interaction phases (admission, registration, fee payment, and course conclusion). An educational institution is only as good as its reputation. The reputation of an educational institution is determined by its students. In this situation, it becomes centrally important to attract and enroll the students of the highest caliber. Apparently, students are now relying more on online information and social media reviews. The CRM system for education comes has tracking tools which are integrated applications and they can support in lead tracking using multiple channels like emails and social media.

Role of CRM software in Educational Domain 1

Interesting facts about Education CRM software

Role of CRM software in Educational Domain 2

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The education domain is amplified with numerous factors as listed below

– Increasing Tuition and consequently increased expectations

– Rising demand for better schooling and higher education has raised the bar of school fees.

– Growing usage of online education and educational technology

– New business models of education emerging from Asia

Students are familiar and used with online information, reviews, and enquiries. But, as per different surveys, 54% of web-based students’ inquiries did not get a response! Due to the high number of unanswered student inquiries, one could assume that many first-year students will begin their term with a lack of clarity.

It is evident that HEIs (Higher educational institutions) must be streamlining their operations, devise cost effective strategies and improve gray areas of management to explore the scope of increasing the revenue generation activities.

CRM benefits of Education domain

The benefits of CRM in Education domain is listed as below

Education CRM software helps in creating a complete holistic management Education system

There are 3 audiences in a higher education CRM system and they are listed as below

  1. Prospective students
  2. Current students
  3. Alumni/Donors

The CRM must have additional focus on employee management and workflow automation. So, it leverages the college/university management body with an all-inclusive system.

  • Student Education life cycle management
  • Simplification and management of the process of admission
  • Discovering the prospective students after interview process for future
  • Deliver rapid responses to student enquiries
  • Focusing and working towards in building a long lasting alumini relationship

Role of LMS (Learning Management system) in Education CRM

The effective LMS (Learning Management system) in Education CRM

  • Simplify Teaching and Learning,
  • Enhance Student Performance,
  • Effective Faculty Management,
  • End-to-End Course Management
  • Powerful Collaboration, Online
  • Document Management and more.

Applications of LMS based Education CRM (Deskara CRM)

The Application of LMS based Education CRM like Deskara CRM) as listed

Course Management

  • Powerful, web-based Course Management software designed for end-to-end course life-cycle management. Manage both online courses and classroom courses with blended learning in Deskera LMS.

Learning Content Management System

  • There is a content management software providing the End-to-end learning and it helps to create, publish and share learning content in real time environment..

Virtual Classroom

  • Deskera LMS Virtual Classroom enables real-time collaboration and delivery of online lectures.

Campus Management

  • Facility Management lets you manage all campus facilities and resources from a single window in Deskera LMS. Enjoy features like Facility Creation, Facility Allocation, Priority Booking and more.

 Learning Portfolio Management

  • Develop and maintain your personalized learning portfolio in Deskera LMS. We can add blocks for inserting notes, videos, links, resumes and files.

Student Management

  • Student Management software is required for managing the entire “student life-cycle” starting from stages of application till the last stage of graduation.

Faculty Management

  • Faculty Management software solutions for faculty profiling, career portal, faculty scheduling, feedback management, and research information systems are all on Deskera LMS.

Student Admissions

  • Better organization and simplification of the entire admissions and enrollment process with Student Admissions software.

Examination Management

  • Deskera LMS provides you with the ability to manage multiple types of exams. Configure your own exam qualification rules for various types of exams..

Bursary – Financial Management

  • Define course fees for all your courses in detail with LMS price book setup. The Bursary enables the scholarships configuration and provides access to the discount plans with Deskera LMS.

Social Media

  • LMS CRM software provides complete integration with Twitter live feed for course-related discussions. Unique collaborative Social LMS provided by Deskera lets teachers and students create content in collaboration

Document Management

  • Deskera LMS allows you to create, capture, store, share, preserve, search, and tag documents for efficient and effective process of document management.
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Customization modules of Education CRM software

The Customization Module of Education CRM is a boon to administrators as it helps in customizing the software based on business requirements. It is very important to understand the role of CRM in Educaion domain using Forms, Fields, Views, Emails, SMS, Product Logo, Templates, Reports, and Dashboards are all customizable to suit client requirements.

  • Customize Forms, Fields, Reports
  • Customize Email, SMS Templates
  • Email/Web to Form Integration
  • Integrated with Leading Systems

  • 1.Form & Fields CRM Customization
    •  New Fields
    • Add or remove fields such as text, dropdown as per your business requirement.

      • Rename Fields
      • Rename existing fields or modules to suit your business process.

        • Field Positions
        • Change field positions in forms as per your requirement.

          • Enable/Disable Email/SMS Alerts
          • You can Enable or Disable Email/SMS Notifications for sending automatic alerts.

            • Customize Form Views, Searches
            • The Form views, search criteria fields can be customized based on end user requirement.

              • Dropdown or Pick list Customization
              • You can add a pick list or modify existing picklist as per your need.

                2. Reports & Templates Customization

                • Customized Reports
                • Create your own customized reports by adding or removing columns or fields.

                  • Email Templates Customization
                  • Use built in HTML editor to customize the email templates with business specific.

                    • SMS Templates Customization
                    • The SMS Template can be customized by using edit option and can be modified based on end user requirement.

                      • Product Logo, Title Personalization
                      • Personalize the product title, logo to suit your company branding.

                        • Quotation Terms Customization
                        • Customized quotation template to suit your business with terms & conditions.

                          • Mobile App Customization
                          • Show/hide fields or forms in mobile app as per your business process.

                                    3.  Customizable Education Consultant CRM Salient Features

                             Lead Automation

                            Automatically capture leads from Property Portals like shiksha, career360 etc…

                            • Students/Leads
                            • Education Business Specific Lead screen to capture student interests in courses, activities, etc…

                              • Admission Opportunity
                              • Manage qualified leads with expected value discounts, commissions & pending payments.

                                • Courses Master
                                • Courses Master to maintain course information like course type, duration & amount.

                                  • Site Visits, Sales Calls
                                  • It is very easier to plan, assign & track outcome of site visits. The site visits can be spooled as a Daily report using the mobile GPS location accessibility.

                                    • Telecaller Performance
                                    • Measure telecaller performance by tracking new & follow up calls and site visits/meetings

                                      • Agents Master
                                      • Agent Master with partner contact details, commission’s details. Track leads till bookings.

                                        • Parents Communication
                                        • Send automated, manual SMS, Email communications to Students & Parents

                                          • Up & Cross Selling
                                          • Up sell & Cross Sell other related service such as other courses, skill development packages.

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                                            Most of the departments in reputed universities have built their own IT systems and communication channels for better clarity and transparency within the department. It isn’t unusual for colleges and universities to communicate with students through completely disparate systems. There is one dedicated system for paying the fees and bills for students and there is another chat room for mentoring sessions by academic research counselors and coach.

                                            A recent e-book on the subject sums the problem up perfectly: “Students expect a level of personalization most institutions aren’t used to providing. They expect that they need access to view their grades, register for certification