In this article, you will be getting an insight into the Sage CRM for banking professionals and Sage CRM software benefits.

Sage Banking CRM

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Sage CRM for banking professionals

The Sage Customer Relationship Management software (Sage CRM) is very popular as it helps the businesses to strengthen their relationships with customers by providing service at the expected standards. Our software allows you to organize and automate communications and activities across all customer-facing departments, which includes sales, marketing and customer service. Sage CRM provides support in international and local demographics and is the ideal tool for small to mid-market companies with many satisfied users.

  • Easy to use with simple navigation, you can access it anywhere with rich CRM functionality across multiple mobile platforms and it’s available on-premise or in the cloud
  • The tool is highly customizable and provides a scalable solution to improve and increase the business prospects.
  • Integrates with key Sage solutions for a complete understanding of your customers
  • Offers you rapid return on your investment and low total cost of ownership

Sage CRM for Commercial Bankings

A commercial bank’s CRM profile of a client organization should begin before they become a client via a prospect record. When a bank offers its full suite of commercial banking products to the potential clients, such as working capital / term lending, foreign exchange management, factoring, cash management and trade services, In the initial phase of client engagement only a few attributes of client information would have been available at the time of recording, over a period of time researching and engaging with the client profile would help the sales team of a commercial bank, one that would help win their business.

Also all sales activity related to different products would be involved from mapping of a client record perspective. Sage CRM for banking professionals is designed to address & be able to manage the bank’s sales team across products in the acquisition of new to bank customers via sustained contact through different channels of communication such as a physical meeting, email and more recently social media.

Benefits of Sage CRM for Corporate Banking

Sage CRM software benefits

Sage CRM software benefits for corporate banking provides a centralized platform for managing a list of targeted clients/leads

  • allows mapping of Relationship managers to the targeted clients that involves product lines & product managers
  • allows a relationship manager to systematically track sales activity on each of the targeted clients via call reports
  • Streamlines the entire process of lead->indicative offer(quote)->facility->credit approval->disbursal->servicing process via a built in workflow.
  • allows the tracking of all indicative offers that are sent to clients
  • allows a relationship manager to convert an indicative offer into a facility that needs approvals
  • allows the ability to keep track of all credit approvals & disbursals
  • facilitate information flow among relationship managers, product managers, banking product heads that can be related to sales & service
  • allow banking product heads to monitor the performance of relationship managers

Benefits of Sage CRM for Private Banking

Sage CRM for banking professionals provides a private bank with an increased capability to proactively track and manage customer behaviour and relationships over time, and drive profitable transactions by knowing the impact of customer related activities on customer behaviour, before the activities occur.

  • provides a centralized platform for managing a list of retail customers across multiple products by integrating to the CBS
  • Allows profiling of clients/leads based on geographic/demographics, psychographics, behavioural, risk profile.
  • allows mapping of relationship managers to retail customers
  • allows a bank staff to service a customer if the new to bank customer walks into the branch for a new application that may be related to Savings/Current/Loan products
  • Automates the entire application process along with documents also maintaining the entire interaction details that transpired at the branch. when an application is approved for processing from the front office bank representative ,it flows into the CBS as a customer information file
  • All kinds of customer requests from the time of account creation such as cheque book issue, account opening(current, savings, loan, credit card), pin change, ATM card issue, card fraud, e-banking, DD are processed within Sage CRM for banking professionals.
  • Integrates via all customer communication channels such as Phone/IVR, SMS, Email through its call centre suite.

Benefits of Sage CRM for Wealth Management

Sage CRM software benefits assists in tracking and converting all prospective clients into converted clients thereby increasing the efficiency of the Business and contributing to the growth of the client strength and satisfaction. Sage CRM software benefits facilitates the banking sector to provide a better customer experience to its customers to achieve the expected outcomes.

  • provides a centralized platform for managing all leads
  • helps in capturing Know your client & Client initiation forms
  • allows mapping of financial advisors to wealth management customers
  • allows all customer facing bank staff by integrating to multiple channels of communication & manage customer contact history to service the customer effectively
  • Publish all clients that were prospects into wealth management product systems such as portfolio trackers
  • Servicing all customers for any requests related to various instruments
  • Integrates via all customer communication channels such as Phone/IVR, SMS, Email through its call centre suite/email management module.
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