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Salesboom Insurance CRM

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Salesboom finance CRM for insurance

Salesboom finance CRM for insurance solution facilitates the Financial Services Sector with highly scalable on demand support and solutions. Financial Sector is a broad term that includes banks, investment banks, and insurance companies (including brokerage, underwriting and reinsurance).

Salesboom finance CRM for insurance helps to address and integrate the requirements of the Financial Sector in an Operational, Analytical, and Collaborative perspectives of organizational performance. The degree of detail and integration is scalable, and can be modified by owners as needed. Salesboom offers solid customer support, training and professional services.

Segment of Financial Services Sector an opportunity to assess, streamline and improve

  • Operational activities with the automation of basic business processes (marketing, sales, service)
  • Methods of analyzing customer behaviour and incorporating business intelligence strategies
  • Collaboration with customers on multiple communications channels
  • Collaboration between organizational team members to ensure a quality customer service experience and follow up
  • Front and back end integration (supply chain)
  • Workflow and assignment processes


Salesboom cloud CRM

Unlike many Insurance CRM vendors, Salesboom Cloud CRM system software offers services in support of personal and commercial insurance operations. The table below addresses standard sales and support activities supported by Salesboom Cloud CRM Software Solutions.

Sale of financial products such as life insurance, property insurance, RRSP, etc. Marketing, sales, product specification, pricing, targeting activities. Salesboom Cloud CRM lets you create highly personalized marketing campaigns and execute them across multiple channels. Based on analyzing the need and product recommendation capabilities, Salesboom Cloud CRM facilitates sales closure by providing the right product choices.
Salesboom Cloud CRM Referral management
  • Automatically create leads for every referral captured
  • Easily view the most valued source of referrals
Targeted sales
  • Maximize cross-selling opportunities
  • Origination of account streamlining for better results especially for sales involving multiple products.
Call list management
  • Accurate, complete and timely call lists triggered by events, meetings, predefined conditions
  • track, assign, escalate call activities appropriately
  • deliver personalized investment advice to clients in timely basis
Household management
  • View data on familial and ad hoc households
  • Build a database involving many portfolios, leads, activities, notes, opportunities
Identify client values
  • Consistent view of client portfolios across multiple platforms
  • Accurately assess client value and profitability
  • Segment clients for appropriate marketing initiatives
  • Retain high value clients with exceptional customer service
Self serve
  • Universal sign up
  • Cross-channel application processing
  • Targeted cross-selling
  • Multi-channel distribution of financial research in support of marketing and decision making
Services management by expert advisors
  • Improve co-ordination with team members
Representative Productivity Improve representative’s productivity
  • Automatic tracking and assignment of activities to appropriate employees through workflow
  • Electronic tracking and viewing of decisions by the relationship manager, credit officers and bank executives
Policy Support utilization of comprehensive policy management
  • Capture new business processes
  • Track status of all policy-trailing documents
  • Initiate order for underwriting documentation
Claims Processing claims – verification, policy review, authorizations, payments Amalgamate customer information from agents, brokers, call center representatives, mobile claims adjusters for good decision making.
Contextual Information Gather, collate and assess client files in context for better pricing and decision making. Consolidates all information sources (including external) to a single source.
Billing management of the tool Manage and Track Accounting activities Salesboom will track and generate invoices and payments according to various triggers programmed into the system.
Product Description Comprehensive and up to date product descriptions for sharing Create, update and disseminate product information that is consistent for all users.
Pricing details and quotations before purchase Produce and track quotes for customers based on pricing and packaging/incentive programs Maintain history of quotations from common pricing tables, document incentives and successes on file.
Risk Assessment Proceed to underwriting with solid client profile and history in evidence. Improves risk assessment as agents have access to comprehensive of customer specific underwriting from all business lines
Document Management Generate policy documents such as quote packages, declarations, certificates of insurance, and payment receipts Can be generated automatically and can be sent directly from the system to customer by email, fax, mail.

Secure Cloud CRM Information Exchanges

Information within the Insurance CRM app is secure and accessible based on a highly scalable permissions tree. Furthermore, there is Audit Trail functionality built into every item into the system. This indicates that the system services can easily find changes in access, information sharing and updates within the Insurance banking system. You can access Audit information at any time for review and reporting purposes and to demonstrate due diligence in adherence to legal, financial and commercial security duties common in the Financial Services Industry.

Regulatory Compliance

Salesboom is regarded as the best CRM insurance agent and it facilitates Financial Sector Organizations to meet evolving and stringent protocols from a variety of regulatory agencies tracking activities within the spectrum of financial service offerings.


Salesboom is regarded as the best CRM insurance agent and it facilitates Financial Sector Organizations to meet evolving and stringent protocols from a variety of regulatory agencies tracking activities within the spectrum of financial service offerings.

The Salesboom Platform:

  • Web Services with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Optional Customization – Capacity for user or professional customization and is fully extensible
  • Development and Integration – Web Services API and AJAX / COMET controls are system standards.
  • Cost control? The cost control process is feasible as the cost is contained because the platform and the process is very stable and flexible.
  • Partner Networks – An extensive partner network of over 125 different solutions providers
  • Legacy ? Salesboom has an API that facilitates integration for web based CRM/ERP solutions with existing front and back office systems.

Professional Services

Salesboom finance CRM for insurance agents and companies offers professional services in support of the Cloud CRM implementation life-cycle and beyond for health and life insurance companies and agents and brokers alike.. You might consider:

  • Business Modeling Services
  • Project Management (PM) Services
  • Professional Data and System Analysis
  • Custom Integration Services
  • Support and Training Services
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