The State of Salesforce — Trends and Insights (2016–2017)

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In this blog, you will get an insight about the Salesforce CRM trends insights. This blog also provides more information on investing in actionable analytics using Salesforce.

Every business needs a strong and a profound customer base in order to sustain and grow. If your priority list gives your customers low weight-age, chances are that your monetary burnout will exceed expectations as you will spend more on customer acquisition over customer retention.

So, if your business revolves around IT, Sales, Marketing or Customer Services, this comprehensive study with latest trends and insights can give your business strategy a heads up for the coming challenges. This post highlights some key takeaways from Bluewolf’s annual report on how the best companies use Salesforce. The statistics have been collected from over 110,000 data points from 1700+ Salesforce customers.

Salesforce CRM trends insights

Let us understand Salesforce CRM trends insights through various applications, experience by users and investing in actionable analytics using Salesforce.

1. Companies and Intelligent Applications

Most of the big names and companies aim to empower their employee with maximum automation to handle large data chunks, and eventually create superior customer moments. The applications used are self-sustaining, which can decide the next step and take action. It can be data collection, refinement or auto-scheduling of tasks.

2. User Experience — Beyond Mobile

Most of the companies are investing towards making their strategies in tune with customer routines and behaviour. Though this is a step in the right direction, as users get empowered to do their work from anywhere and any device, only going by this will not suffice. One needs to continually improve Salesforce’s ease of use for better experience.

3. Imperfect data isn’t slowing innovation

Innovation is that one word which rules the business world. Data, numbers and statistics are an important part of this process, and companies are finding out ways to use this data within Salesforce more effectively.

Insights for IT : actionable analytics using Salesforce

1. The cognitive era is only beginning

While half of companies consider their core applications to be intelligent, few companies have reached the level of cognitive applications. 61% of IT professionals see great innovation potential in the Salesforce Platform. Over the past three years, this percentage increase has remained almost the same, despite Salesforce’s increasing complexity. Companies must continue to iterate on their governance strategies and embrace frequent innovation to capitalise on the perceived potential.

2. Integrate cloud for Better Overall Experience

58% companies have either already integrated Salesforce cloud or plan to do so very soon. 39% of which think of their data as more fruitful, advantageous and a strategic asset. Integrating clouds, or other on-premise systems, streamlines disparate customer data and allows employees to see a single view of the customer: who they are, what and when they buy, and what activities are currently being driven by Sales, Marketing, and Service teams.

3. To increase the value of data, invest in actionable analytics

65% companies aim to invest in actionable analytics to make data more accessible and use worthy. Actionable analytics make it easy for their employees to swiftly take charge of most important decisions. Companies who are maximising their investments in analytics will see a 3x more growth rate as compared to the ones not doing so. It is important to improve business relationships with intelligent functioning.


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