In this blog, you will be getting an insight on the SFDC integration and benefits of Salesforce adds E-commerce to community cloud.

SFDC adds E-commerce

SFDC adds E-commerce to its community cloud

Salesforce community cloud

SFDC integration

Customers of Salesforce’s Community Cloud will soon be able to add their own buy buttons.

The Community Cloud allows businesses to build sites promoting customers to interact with the company and among themselves. By introducing the ability to make purchases directly from those communities, Mike Stone, the senior vice president of marketing for Salesforce Community Cloud, said the company is enabling “a whole new evolution of social commerce.” has introduced an E-commerce functionality adding to its Salesforce Community Cloud, which helps the companies to host online forms for customer contact to integrate with new features, such as a Buy button or Add to Cart button to a community page.

According to Salesforce, bringing e-commerce to online communities enables companies to turn these forums of engagement and interaction into places of action as well.

“It’s a natural evolution of e-commerce that we would add a [shopping] cart right where discussion is happening,” said Mike Stone, SVP of marketing for the community cloud.

Highlights of the Community Cloud enhancements include the following

Salesforce adds E-commerce to community cloud
  • Salesforce adds E-commerce to community cloud enabling companies to add a shopping cart or Buy button directly into community pages.
  • The ability to insert a Buy button or shopping cart, using the capabilities of SFDC integration & developer platform, Project Lightning, with no coding or development expertise required.
  • The ability to connect with buying options in the Community Cloud with customer service functionality in the Salesforce Service cloud. For example, if a customer asks questions in an online forum about a product he wants to purchase, the discussion can initiate a case in the Service Cloud. This displays the extension of work done Salesforce during the past year or to ensure better data connections as its service offering in the domains of the Sales, Marketing and Service clouds.
  • Salesforce adds E-commerce to community cloud which enabled text-based contextual linking of a conversation in the community to a recommendation engine, which can automatically recommend products based on the conversation taking place in a forum.
  • By browsing on the meta data and the recommendation engine, it is observed that an outdoor apparel company can provide someone looking for an extreme weather backpack and suggest them with automatic recommendations of appropriate products strictly based on the person’s text searches.
  • Create new opportunities for purchase

Putting your product in the right place, at the right time can increase customer satisfaction — and your revenue. Connect with customers when they’re discovering and discussing your product in their social feed. If they like what they see, they can buy with just a click.

  • Enable customers to sell for you

Let your customers be your biggest product evangelists. Their recommendations on accessories and upgrades are invaluable. When you allow them to buy directly in discussion groups, they can help you upsell, becoming your partners in profit.

  • Set up shop quickly and easily

You’ll be able to build an e-commerce website into Community Cloud with drag-and-drop ease using Community Builder. Create an all-in-one highly tailored and branded mobile customer experience.

To be clear, Salesforce hasn’t built out these features on its own. SFDC integration with many E-commerce companies starting with CloudCraze, Demandware and Bigcommerce by salesforce. By using Salesforce’s Lightning Components, Customer Cloud users should be able to add the e-commerce capabilities without any programming.

Stone said that there will a very big focus at the dream conference next month and Salesforce has plans to make the new e-commerce Lightning Components available in early 2016.

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