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TargetX CRM

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TargetX CRM Mobile solution

TargetX CRM solution

As mobile device use among high school seniors continues to dominate college search trends, the TargetX CRM solution helps institutions connect their comprehensive suite of CRM tools to better engaging students.

A 2014 E-expectations report from Noel Levitz, found that “nine out of ten seniors and eight out of ten parents have access to a mobile device.” Additionally, “71 percent of seniors and 45 percent of parents” look to their phones to find out more about colleges from institutional websites. Educause highlighted the need for user support in higher ed’s “new normal” environments, including mobile screens, as one of the top ten IT issues of the year.

“We find that half of our traffic for forms come through a mobile phone so we needed to make sure that we had mobile accessible forms,” says Jeff Shpunt, Director of Web Services at Western Connecticut State University. “With TargetX, all of our website forms are mobile-ready. And everything is responsive.”

Whether they are looking to communicate with a college through inquiry forms (and colleges want to follow up with relevant communications), apply to college online or register for an event, TargetX CRM solution provide great memorable experience even on small screen, like a cell phone

“Mobile-ready forms are just one small example of these powerful solutions that help campuses reimagined the student experience across the lifecycle,” says Sasha Peterson, CEO of TargetX. “But forms are just the beginning. Our CRM offers the most complete set of solutions from fully integrated communications tools with automated workflows to the best application review tool and the most advanced social yield tool on the market.”

​A leading CRM company, TargetX provides a campus-wide solution to help colleges build relationships and advance lifelong communications with their most important constituencies, for all the current students, alumni and potential donors for the university. The company’s Campuswide CRM is built on the powerful development platform of — the worldwide leader in customer relationship management and a pioneer in cloud computing.

About TargetX

TargetX CRM for lead management

TargetX is the leading CRM Company focusing on higher education by revisiting the student experience through campus wide solutions supporting colleges and universities to build sustainable relationships with prospective students, current students and alumni. The company’s CRM is built on the powerful platform — the most innovative customer relationship management system in the world.

TargetX CRM for lead management helps the universities with a set of solutions, including the recent inclusion of solutions for two mobile-designed modules. A student-centric online application for admissions and a student engagement platform to help institutions improve enrollment and student success. TargetX has been established for 17 years with an innovative technology and expertise in the education industry and hence TargetX is the most trusted CRM provider in higher education.

TargetX Welcomes New VP of Technology

TargetX CRM solution, a leading provider of student lifecycle solutions for higher education, announced today that Olivier Chaine has joined the organization as Vice-president of Technology to develop user-driven products that put students front and center and spark delight.

TargetX Builds College Application Process Students Really Want

TargetX CRM for lead management brings The First Mobile Admissions’ Application—and the Most Compelling Enrollment Solution on the Market—to the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) Conference

TargetX CRM for lead management showcases the first online application designed for students during the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) conference, October 1-3 in San Diego, CA.

TargetX’s new student-centric Online Application is the first of its kind and the latest product released in the Recruitment CRM, the most comprehensive and compelling suite of recruitment solutions available in higher education. “Students are no longer linear,” points out April Welch, Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at Illinois Institute of Technology.

“Other apps assume that a student is going to start the app, sit there and complete it. The TargetX app gives students the opportunity to jump around to the sections they want to. It gives them a great visual displaying the estimated time remaining to finish the app. Really, it is more geared towards the way students actually complete applications. Given the fact that they are applying to multiple places it is important to have a professional interface that gives our applicants a fast and smooth experience.”

A Comprehensive Recruitment Suite of Solutions

In addition to the new Online Application, decision and scoring tools facilitate a paperless application review process, while student-yield tools like Schools App and UChat provide meaningful socio-behavioral data and communications opportunities. Every component of the CRM is backed by complete implementation services, training and an experienced support team for colleges to be successful.

“At TargetX, we’ve reimagined the entire recruitment process to better serve the needs of both students and admissions professionals,” says CEO of TargetX, Sasha Peterson. “We invite admissions professionals to come see for themselves at the NACAC Conference in San Diego. They’ll see how simple it is to build customized applications that attract students. They’ll also witness the countless ways that applicants–who crave organization and guidance in their application experience–drove our product development process.“

Visit TargetX at NACAC

Experience the ease and functionality of TargetX’s new Online Application. Build your own application, review the backend functionality, and then explore the other modules of the recruitment suite — from the iPad and web-based application review solution to the fully integrated engagement and yield tools.

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