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TargetX CRM Tools

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TargetX CRM Introduction

TargetX higher education CRM

TargetX is the leading CRM for higher education industry and it provides CRM solutions with enterprise-wide scalability, powered by the Salesforce platform. With our 19-year reputation for innovative technology and unparalleled industry expertise, we have become one of the most trusted names in higher education technology. TargetX higher education CRM caters to need of 450 institutions in 4 countries supporting the universities to meet the campus goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower higher education professionals across the world with the industry-specific technology and support they need to transform the traditional student lifecycle into a dynamic student delight cycle.

What is the Student Delight Cycle?

We believe in a new approach to the traditional “student lifecycle.” A technology revolution is here, and it’s all about the user experience. TargetX higher education CRM has pioneer update technology and expertise in higher education industry and it helps the schools to capture student delight throughout their studies starting from an inquiry till completion of education.

TargetX: Student life-cycle solution for higher education

Improve enrollment and renew your school’s focus on student success with TargetX’s comprehensive suite of CRM solutions, powered by the Salesforce platform and trusted by over 450 institutions.

TargetX higher education CRM main objective is to make the students connected with each other & provide delighted experience to them throughout their association with the educational institution. Target X offers world class Recruitment Suite to support the educational domain.

Building meaningful connections with students starts with your first interaction. Empower your admissions office to recruit best-fit students with tailored email communications, an intuitive online application, a decision review tool and more – all in one place.

Target X Recruitment tool features

  • Communicate
    • Using the tool to identify prospects and recruit them with the right messaging and foster relationships through customized email campaigns, text messaging, and a live chat feature updated in the website of the educational institution.
  • Engage
    • Facilitate purposeful connections with students by linking them with peers and staff through Schools App – an interactive mobile community, conducting seamless event registration and personalizing the student experience with an integrated portal.
  • Apply
    • Encourage the prospects of transition to applicants with a modern, customizable online application form which can integrate with Common App and generate checklist items in the form of dashboard and provide the application status history.
  • Review
    • Accept best-fit applicants with an application review tool that aligns with your institution’s current admissions process and features functionality like application scoring and automated reviewer assignments.
  • Manage
    • Provide access to staff for reducing the time spent on administrative activities and drifting the focus towards strengthening the relationships with prospective students using automated triggers for better pipeline management, territory assignment and travel planning tools, and workflow automation.
  • Analyze
    • Empower your staff to make actionable, data-driven recruitment and enrollment decisions with customizable reporting and assign value to student interactions with scorecards.
  • Integrate
    • Provide access and enable data sharing from your school’s system to other related systems with minimal effort and higher degree of security. Learn more about our partnerships and integrations here.

Target X Retention Suite features

TargetX Retention suites aims in maintaining connections with your students requires a personalized approach to ensure student success. It is important to connect the students with the Schools App mobile community, appointment scheduler, predictive analytics tool and more in a centralized system.

Retention suite modules

  • Advise
    • Enable staff to easily identify and trackat-risk students with a collaborative dashboard, reducing time spent on cumbersome administrative activities.
  • Communicate
    • Ensure that you develop high level plans for communication in the early intervention stages and increase rates of persistence  across all the students.
  • Engage
    • Create a vibrant student community with Schools App – an interactive mobile application that connects students with one another and encourages interaction with your institution’s staff.
  • Integrate
    • Translate student data from your school’s system and other systems into insights for stressing on student support and engagement. Learn more about our partnerships and integrations here.
  • Predict
    • Evaluate and measure the effectiveness of your current retention strategies, while preparing for the future by building predictive models of student behavior that are unique to your school.

Why TargetX?

TargetX is a reliable tool for working towards Commitment to Higher Education Institutions.

TargetX CRM features and benefits delivers scalable technology to help higher education professionals across the world focus on what matters most — their students. Our CRM solutions are specifically designed to support the higher education industry because we understand the challenges that institutions face on a daily basis. That’s why we translate these needs into strategic product features and functionality. Over 450 institutions trust us because we’ve been there — TargetX is the only technology provider in the space supported by passionate leadership and staff with backgrounds from every sector of higher ed.

Schools app features and benefits

  • Allow Students to Self-Assemble

Enable the students to create study groups with fellow students for studying similar courses.

  • Build Community

Connect your incoming class with their peers to accelerate engagement with your university.

  • Communicate More Effectively

Target and nurture specific pockets of students with personalized messaging using targetX CRM features and benefits.

  • Turn the Tables on Social Media

Improve their self confidence by connecting them through social media strategy so that you can engage the right students at the right time.

  • Create Group Messages

Students can collaborate and communicate with one another through the Group Messaging feature.

  • Get the Class You Want

Increase productivity by focusing on students who are on-the-fence and most likely to enroll.

  • UChat

Uchat is the real-time chat widget built for higher education connecting prospects with student ambassadors and admissions professionals.

TargetX features and benefits

TargetX CRM features and benefits are listed below
  • Real-Time Student Engagement

Chat with students and parents through your admissions website and easily manage conversations in one place.

  • Simple User Interface

An elegant, simple experience that is configurable to match your website.

  • Mobile-First Design

Can be used on any device to increase your reach and engagement with students on the go.

  • Private Messaging

Conversations are private and can be directed to all available staff, individual counselors or student ambassadors.

  • Multi-Chat Function

Use different widgets for different departments or websites to provide more efficient service to your students using targetX CRM features and benefits.

  • Robust Insights

Build a richer student profile by integrating contact information and conversations into your CRM.

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