An Overview of Vtiger CRM With Features and Benefits.

We will be getting an insight on the Vtiger CRM features, benefits and key applications. Vtiger CRM is a free, full-featured, 100% Open Source CRM software ideal for small and medium business, with low-cost product support available to production users that need reliable support. The aim of the Vtiger CRM is to provide one of the best, free OS CRM solutions with the optimum total cost of ownership and also involving less customization cost and less support for the SME’s. Vtiger seems to be a professional OS CRM solution at first glance.

An Overview of Vtiger CRM With Features and Benefits. 2
An Overview of Vtiger CRM With Features and Benefits. 7

Contact management functions

  • All functions and features are based primarily on the customer management features.
  • Contact Management is one of the most important and basic features of a CRM system and it must be user friendly with ease of use option.
  • Core functional aspects are customer data collection and management, contact management, organization management. Some companies need organizational structures and partnerships to be depicted as well.
  • It  is rated 4/5 in the preview of Contact management functions.

Sales and Marketing functions

  • The process of acquiring new leads and transforming them as customers is an essential part of the CRM solution.
  • Tools like import, campaigns, serial letters, batch e-mails are part of the CRM system.
  • To make processes simpler, these modules are connected and the processes depicted as work flow.
  • Some of the critical focus areas of Vtiger Sales and marketing functions are lead and campaign management, Batch Emails, opportunities, offers or requests, delivery or orders , invoices , ERP solutions, Sales Automation and Work flow process.
  • Vtiger CRM is rated as the satisfactory among other CRM tools in terms of Sales and marketing function and it is the only CRM covering all the Sales aspects.
  • Vtiger CRM also has after sales service and support. In order to gain customer loyalty, it is important to achieve customer satisfaction. Support functionalities are crucial for this and should be enabled by the CRM system. Vtiger does not have a e commerce support system.
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An Overview of Vtiger CRM With Features and Benefits. 5

Vtiger Management Functions.

Management of Communication

  • Vtiger CRM will be responsible for entire steering, controlling, synchronizing and archiving of communication with the customer.
  • Some of the communication management mediums and techniques adopted by the CRM are activities, contact history, CTI Integration, Emails, Memos and managing the sales enquiries as appointments.


  • In a futuristic perspective, Analytics and reporting are critical functions as they optimize the sales process and create a difference in the report configurations based on performance.
  • The focus areas of Vtiger CRM in an analytical perspective are Sales forecast, Reporting and Analysis Ratings, Dashboards configurations etc.

Information management and Collaboration process

  • Vtiger CRM plays a crucial role in Information management and Collaboration process in terms of Document management, Chat and Wiki reporting.
  • Vtiger CRM does not support project stages and assignments; self initiated customer portal and staffing solutions.

Administrative functions

  • The Vtiger CRM has many administrative functions in terms of creating a personalized user interface and management of rights.
  • It includes other generic functions of time zones, formatting of dates, import and export of data in the form of CRM prospects.
  • The language packages, work flow management and duplication scenarios are not a part of administrative functions of Vtiger CRM.
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ERP interfaces and individual plug in.

The CRM has ERP interfaces based on programming and user defined fields. The plug ins are dependent on the outlook and office integration process.

Vtiger CRM Features and Benefits.

The Features of Vtiger CRM that supplies functionalities.

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Management Features
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Support and Services
  • Inventory Management
  • Activity Management
  • Security Management
  • Product Management
  • Reports and Dashboards
An Overview of Vtiger CRM With Features and Benefits. 11

Benefits of Vtiger CRM.

User friendly  

Vtiger CRM supplies to users natural and comfortable interface. Every module is placed in the menu tool bar carefully. At the same time, user can see the main modules and the related modules. The CRM user interface gives user confidence because of being simple. One can deem it as easy to understand.


Vtiger CRM supplies security and limited information sharing that depends on a hierarchy. Moreover, there are some levels to define users.

Profile Level
Field Level
Module Level
Sharing Level Access


There are sets of add-ons for Vtiger ; these sets are developed by both the Vtiger team and the Vtiger community.

Vtiger Outlook Plug-in
Vtiger Office Plug-in
Vtiger Thunderbird Extension
Vtiger Customer Portal Vtiger Firefox Toolbar


It offers freedom to organizations in order to modify their installation in terms of their needs. In the download section on the web site, there is the source code of every edition and one can download it and customize it in order to meet one‘s organization needs.


Vtiger CRM system can export all records related process of CRM such as contacts, accounts. And transitions of data migration is possible from.

The to Vtiger CRM, Dynamics CRM to Vtiger CRM, SugarCRM to Vtiger CRM

Profile Level, Field Level, Module Level, Sharing Level Access


According to Vtiger Team, Vtiger CRM software is ideal for small and medium businesses. That is to say, according to the definitions of SMEs, the maximum limit of Vtiger users is 250.

Support and Continuity 

  • In terms of training and documentation support, Vtiger is very accomplished.
  • On Vtiger‘s web site there are some resources that are about: How To‘s, installation manuals, user manuals, admin manuals and add-on manuals. In terms of community support, there are blogs and forums.
  • There are installation support, language packs, general discussions, feature requests and help forums.
  • Continuity is related with community activities and update frequencies. Below there is the last 3 updates and their release dates.
  • The community concept of Vtiger is very advanced. There are blogs, community portal, forums that are about help forums, installation support, general discussions and feature requests.
  • The  CRM supports multiple languages such as English, French, German, Chinese (Simplified), Italian and Spanish. Vtiger  is used widely in lots of countries such as United States, Russia, India, China and Germany with localization available in over 15 languages.


Hence, Vtiger CRM is an effective CRM solution which is capable, scalable, proven, loved, and won’t break the marketing services in CRM. Therefore, in marketing CRM analysis the demand to become the most suitable marketing functions in CRM. For more information on Vtiger CRM, you can click on the links as below

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