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Zoho CRM Features List that is better than other CRMs such as


Meet your customers, no matter the medium. Multichannel support in Zoho CRM lets you reach people on the phone, via live chat, email, through social media, and even in person. Use visitor tracking and email analytics to know what your customers are seeing, and find opportunities for engagement. Communicate, connect, and close the deal with Zoho CRM.

  • Email

See your email inside CRM. SalesInbox means no more shuffling between screens to get the full picture.

  • Telephony

Have conversations with context. Make calls from Zoho CRM with single-click dialing and use call analytics to measure your team’s performance.

  • SalesSignals

Get real-time information about every activity a customer and prospect engages in. With SalesSignals you can know now so you can act now.

  • Social

Bring social media into your sales process. Monitor trends and discover new leads, all from within Zoho CRM.

Sales Performance

Measure and manage. Pre-built and customizable KPIs show you where your team excels and where they can use more training. Keep your sales and marketing teams working together by coordinating your marketing efforts from inside ZohoCRM. Compare your ad spending to your sales revenue to see how the top of the funnel affects your bottom line.

  • Gamification:

Play more, sell more. When your team starts treating sales like a game, it’s easier to meet your targets.

  • Advanced CRM Analytics:

What’s data without analysis? With pre-made templates and custom reports, it’s easier to spot patterns and forecast trends.

  • Territory Management:

No matter how your organization is set up, it’s easy to segment your clientele into territories that reflect every group’s needs and wants.


As your sales team grows, you need to make sure the sales processes you’ve designed can scale and that the same level of attention is given to the right customers and leads. Zoho CRM’s Blueprint helps ensure everyone in your team follows the right process, even when you’re not looking. Workflows and Macros help you automate your daily activities, while Zia—the new AI-powered sales assistant—works for you.

  • Blueprint:

Build and execute sales processes from within your CRM and let your team follow the same without constant monitoring. This ensures compliance from the entire team, making the process systematic and repeatable.

  • Workflow Automation:

Work smarter, not harder. From sending follow-up emails to maintaining customer records, there’s lots of work to be done every time your sales team corresponds with a lead. Use workflows and automation to make your life easier.

Extend and Customize

You’re adaptable; your CRM should be, too. Tailor your database to your specific industry needs with custom apps, modules, and fields. Select the features you want most with native and third-party integrations. Collect the precise information you need to forecast trends and grow your market presence. Get a CRM that works the way you do.

  • Zoho Marketplace

The Zoho Marketplace offers a host of integrations for third-party apps. Pull data from multiple sources and extend the reach of your CRM.

  • Google Apps Integrations

Take advantage of Google’s app suite from within Zoho CRM. Upgrade your current solutions with industrial-strength business software.

  • Zoho App Integrations

Zoho offers a comprehensive range of business tools specifically designed to increase operational efficiency and solve everyday problems. Explore our suite.

Sales Productivity

From contact to close, cut the energy it takes to pass your leads through the pipeline with advanced sales force automation. Set Zoho CRM to capture lead information directly from your website, schedule follow-up reminders for your sales team, and generate custom reports to forecast trends. Your time is valuable; spend it on things that matter.

  • Lead Management

Capture lead information from business cards, websites, or Google AdWords campaigns. Use advanced filters to identify promising possibilities.

  • Opportunity Management

Seize opportunity. From checking contact notes to sending quotes to generating reports, Zoho CRM gives you the tools to close deals on the go.

  • Sales App

With the Sales app, you have all the features you need to take your sales operations mobile. Keep track of your schedule, locate nearby customers, and stay in contact.

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